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Top 10 Best Barbie House 2020 Reviews

If the boys are interested in supercar toys, puzzles, and so on, girls especially love dolls. Dollhouses always excite them by combining many colors, and many small details are beautiful but extraordinarily vivid and eye-catching. With this toy product, children will freely display their favorite doll models so that they can freely live in a tiny house. Nowadays, there are many Dollhouses, but if you do not know how to choose a surprise present for their daughters. Don’t worry! We will suggest to you the top 10 best-selling products with exquisite design and durable materials that can be used for many years. Let’s explore together right now!

Top 10 Best Barbie House 2020 Reviews

1. Barbie Malibu House Playset

  • The Malibu House is a smaller version of the classic house.
  • It combines 2 floors and 6 rooms. Especially with unique design, it allows the ceiling to transform into a set of bunk beds and walls in the living room to move around to become a movie gallery.
  • 25 included accessories are great for kid’s imaginations.
  • Easy to clean, folds up when not in use to save the space of your house.

2. Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator

  • It includes 3 floors, 8 rooms, and an elevator, plus a slide that goes right down to the pool.
  • The included accessories have interactive features like the stove light up and make sounds to help your kids feel more exciting.
  • It also is designed to change a couch that becomes a set of bunk beds, and a refrigerator turns into a food stand.
  • More than one child can play at a time.

3. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

  • It includes 3 floors, 5 rooms, 2 molded plastic staircases, and a balcony.
  • Each room has a unique context to match with each child’s exciting story.
  • The kit included with the toy will have 17 pieces, including meticulously painted wooden furniture and other essential accessories.
  • An excellent gift for kids.

4. Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

  • This expanded Fisher-Price Loving Family dollhouse model will have 4 floors and 6 very spacious and airy bedrooms.
  • The outside also has an additional accessory that is a set of swings with 2 pink swings that look solid and perfect.
  • The sound coming from the baby toy house is very lively, real, and extremely funny.
  • The dollhouse members will include mother, father, baby, and indispensable tools to sit are sofas and baby chairs.
  • The toy is also straightforward for the baby to fold and then store carefully for later play.

5. Barbie Pet Dreamhouse Playset

  • Barbie Pet Dreamhouse will include a variety of accessories for your baby to explore.
  • This house is also suitable for children to play on both sides, and there are also slides, swings, lifts for more convenience when bringing pets from the first floor to the second floor.’
  • The full set will also include two puppies, a bony food box, a plastic plate, a hose, a convertible, and a swimming pool.
  • Besides, your baby can freely create by searching for other Barbie pet plays and then linking them to create a funny and lovely “pet town.”
  • Perfect for children from 3 years old.

6. Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse

  • This solid 3-story Victorian wooden dollhouse has a total of 6 very spacious bedrooms.
  • Material: high-quality and durable wood
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and over to use to play.
  • This Victorian-style mansion also features detailed illustrated instructions + an online video tutorial to make assembly quicker.
  • The dollhouse model has been scaled down to a ratio of 1:12 to fit dolls with many beautiful small furniture inside the house.

7. Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set

  • The Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise wooden doll and furniture set has three dolls and 15 essential furniture pieces.
  • This dollhouse with an open ratio of 1:12, so it is ideal for children to make use of it as a home or school depending on their creative ways.
  • It is decorated in vibrant colors, includes 6 rooms, with an elevator and private garage.
  • This dollhouse is made of high-quality material, so mothers can rest assured to let the baby play every day.
  • It is a meaningful and beautiful gift for children from 3 to 6 years old.

8. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

  • This complete set of baby toys will feature 34 pieces of furniture and accessories, including a pendulum watch, a cute kitten, and much more.
  • There are 8 more bedrooms with open space for your baby to unleash their decorative ideas.
  • It has an elevator system of the house that will move up and down between the second and third floors.
  • The doll garage area is also designed to open and close very truthfully.
  • Besides, at a different angle of the toy house, the baby will observe the doll more quickly and conveniently thanks to the layout of large windows on both sides.

9. Robotime DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Garden

  • This toy is a DIY toy set designed perfectly in every detail and requires your baby to complete each task.
  • Robotime’s dollhouse model is mainly aimed at developing children’s minds with the theme of looking towards nature to arouse your baby’s imagination with colorful reflections.
  • The product’s outer packaging is quite delicate with high-quality, safe materials.
  • It is a suitable choice for making gifts on any occasion.

10. KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse

  • This set includes 5 rooms with open wide for play.
  • It is made of wood products, fabric, and plastic, which are safe for kids.
  • Eyes- catching design and colorful.
  • With the included accessories such as glass slippers and pillows, or the gold attic doors encourage your baby to be creative and imagine his own Cinderella story.
  • The instructions are very detailed.

Barbies are one of the most popular toys of all time. Dollhouse helps children imagine themselves in various life situations, allowing them to challenge a variety of jobs, costumes, and lifestyles. We hope that the top 10 best dollhouses above can help you find the toy that best suits your child. Thank you for reading!

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Top 10 Best Science Toys 2020 Reviews

Encouraging children to explore the world around them is an essential part of the educational process. Although there are teachers in the classroom, it is necessary to use playtime outside the school so that it is reasonable to practice. Do mothers want their children to excel in their brains, want them to explore more than the outside world, and learn everything to become a genius in the future? An exciting scientific toy will help your child a lot in the process of learning and playing as his mother wanted. Instead of making you spend hours searching the internet for the perfect science experiment or toy for your child, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best scientific toys for kids.

Top 10 Best Science Toys 2020 Reviews

1. 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit – DIY Science Space Stem Toys Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls

  • The detailed instructions are easy to follow. The guidelines even include a couple of paragraphs that explain the science behind the launching makes your kids happy as learning. 
  • It can bring outside, and as a social play for kids encourages kid’s social skills. 
  • It builds the rocket that will foster a love of engineering and science in your child and increase their knowledge of technology.
  • It’s an educational toy that demonstrates a science principle.

2. The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

  • A great educational toy for all boys and girls aged over 5. 
  •  It is all non-toxic and still allows a kid to try some science with the supervision of an adult.
  • The set combines 51 experiment cards that come in the full-color illustration that encourages creative thinking and the scientific process.
  • Low price for the excellent product.

3. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and 22-Page Activity Journal, 400x Magnification, Science for Kids

  • It comes with an educational journal and gives you something to go on and the right amount of information and knowledge to continue after and do your experiments.
  • It’s just enough to learn not to be too dull and give an excellent foundation and taste of what it’s like to get into the lab part of science.
  • It already comes with an ocular that can magnify objects as much as 400 times and a low power objective of about 30 times.
  • The slides can easily be grasped and placed on the microscope by children.

4. Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit – With Voucher to Redeem Caterpillars Later

  • Kids get to explore the life cycle of butterflies when a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly.
  • The freed butterflies often return to where they were released.
  • So beautiful and great learning for the little ones (and us big ones too). 
  • Great experience and so very easy to care.

5. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

  • It is a great introductory set for kids.
  • It has a good variety of activities that comes with twenty pieces. 
  • It has quality learning materials combine with chemicals and supplies. 
  • It is highly recommended for kids aged 6 years and up.

6. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit, Age 8, Multicolor

  • It’s compatible with other products in the LEGO range: 33 LEGO pieces, Instructions for 10 modules, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps, and other components. 
  • It’s great for kids to learn about engineering and how all parts work together.
  • The set comes with a full instruction manual: 80-page instructional book that is very well written so easy to understand. 
  • It’s recommended for kids eight years old and up.

7. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy

  • It comes from a trusted brand.
  • Safe and durable materials.
  • The set combined 60 different challenge cards, a game grid, 9 towers, 3 marbles, and a target piece.
  •  It helps kids expand their critical thinking skills, and is an excellent toy for STEM development. 
  • The set builds not only their STEM skills but also their interpersonal skills and sportsmanship.

8. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100, Black

  • Suitable for children aged over 8 years old.
  • The instruction manual is easy to understand.
  • Kids can build over 100 different electronic circuit projects with just 30+ electronic parts.
  • Safe material for kids. 

9.  Educational Insights GeoSafari Micropro 48-Piece Microscope Set

  • This 48-piece set is best for children eight and up.
  • The kit includes tweezers, Petri dishes, empty slides, vials, and a kid-friendly microscope with up to 600x magnification. 
  • The set is a hands-on way to boost your kid’s STEM skills.
  • Reasonable price for a good product. 

10. Natinonal Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit

  • An excellent present for young dino lovers or aspiring paleontologists.
  • This set has fossils and starting a rock and fossil collection to get kids excited about science and history. 
  • It has many developmental benefits for your child such as building cognitive ability. 

Above are the top 10 most scientific toys for the kids in 2020. With these popular scientific toys for kids, children can learn the basics of many different types of science. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best scientific toy for your kid. Thanks for reading!

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Top 10 Best Toddler Drum Set 2020 Reviews

Musical toys for babies are among the toys selected by many mothers for their children when they are young. Funny guitars or a drum set make sounds that are attractive to children. Besides, in the opinion of many experts, toy drums bring many benefits to children’s comprehensive development.
Baby music toys or music toys for preschoolers suitable for all ages, especially for children aged 0-5, because this is the time when children develop comprehensively in hearing and sight. Mothers buy for children for a set to enjoy many benefits from them. If you are looking for a right drum set to help your little one discover the realm of music, we are always with you, sharing some useful information to help you choose the best product. Let’s find out!

Top 10 Best Toddler Drum Set Reviews

1. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Great Gift For Kids, Toddlers, Toy for Boys and Girls, Ages 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Three electronic drums plus one cymbal with unique sounds help children develop their sensory. 
  • There are also features like phonics and words suitable for your kids aged 2- 5 years old. 
  • Power-saving mode: it will be off when left untouched.
  • Four ways: free play, letters, numbers, and follow-along, especially a unique led light will make your kid excited. 
  • Three AA batteries included.

2. Remo KD-5080-01 Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum – Fabric Rain Forest, 10″

  • Suitable for kids aged over 3 years old.
  • High quality and durable materials: Acousticon shell made of sawdust and resin and a pre-tuned drumhead give great sounds.
  • Easy to play by hands, mallets, or sticks included.
  • The sound is relatively deep, so you won’t have a bashing headache as your young drummer finds his/her beat.

3. Infantino Turtle Cover Band 8-Piece Percussion Set

  • This super cute set drum includes eight different percussion instruments: a bell duck, two fish sticks, caterpillar maraca, frog tambourine, ladybug and bumblebee castanets.
  • Material: BPA-free plastic safe for kids.
  • Cute pond theme, colorful and eye-catching design is a perfect gift for small babies, toddlers. 
  • This adorable turtle drum also functions as a storage for other percussions. 

4. Award-Winning Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

  • The set gives your children the capability to play instruments at fundamental levels to help your little rockstar be creative with so much versatility in one place.
  • Material: Made of non-toxic, safe, and durable for kids. 
  • This set has 5 different instruments: drumsticks, clapper, cymbal, drum, and xylophone with different tonal qualities. 
  • Suitable for kids age 24 months and up.
  • Reasonable price for quality drum set.

5. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

  • Like a real electric drum set make your kids creative, promotes their confidence. 
  • The sound module has up to 108 musical sounds.
  • The drum set is the best choice if you want to avoid the drum’s noise; it is designed with a headphone jack for quiet sessions and amplifiers for jam practice.
  • It’s fantastic value for money; there are enough kits and customization options to find the right sound.

6. Alesis Compact Kit 4 | Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit

  • The built-in songs and the LCD screen make it easy for them to learn how to play rhythms, especially game function also included makes fun when playing. 
  • Velocity-sensitive pads deliver the most realistic and professional quality sound. 
  • The drum set has a small and compact design.
  • It also combined AC adapter or 6 C cell batteries to help your kids keep drumming anywhere.

7. Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum with Melodies, Ages 3 Months +

  • Eye-catching design with bright colors. 
  • It comes with 3 fun modes: numbers, colors, and drumming. 
  • Make fun playing when your baby created a beat; it will light up with different colors.
  •  The large handle is comfortable for their small hands to grasp
  • Recommended aged over 3 months.

8. TECHEGE Toys Learn’n’Play Fun Drum Rhythm Drums Cymbal Lights Sounds Kids Fun My First Drum

  • Multiple built-in songs make your kid easily enjoy the drum. 
  • The drum set has a small, compact, lightweight design is the best gift for many occasions. 
  • Fun and bright colors that will help engage your child.
  • Low price enhances your money.

9. Schylling TD Tin Drum With an adjustable strap and two wooden drumsticks

  • A simple design with an adjustable and removable neck strap.
  • Suitable for kids over 3 age.
  • Material: plastic and tin, do not have any harmful substances.
  • The bouncing parts inside it help to add a tune to the playing effect.

10. Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum – Rhythm Kids, 5″-6″

  • The drum set is suitable for everyone from toddlers to adults.
  • It is a perfect size for little hands and is light enough for even a toddler to carry around. 
  • Great sounds, good quality, and very durable. 
  • Bright color, simple design.

A drum set is a perfect way to encourage your toddler to take up music at an early age. As the wise parents, you should remember that putting children in contact with sound early, not only training mentally but also physically and intellectually, so choosing one of the drum sets for babies and toddlers on our list is the best way to go. We hope you find the perfect gift for your little drummer.

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Top 10 Best Pirate Board Games 2020 Reviews

Pirate board games provide hours of fun, exciting experiences and help you reduce stress and boredom. There are many different games, but the Pirate board game is always one of the most awaited things of the year. After working or studying for hours at an office or a school, what will you need to do to relax? Surely playing the part of the characters in amazing adventures is a fun experience you should not ignore.
Pirate board game is a new game for gamers today. So what games are there on the market? What are the hottest pirate board games? We have looked at the market and selected the top 10 pirate board games that are ranked top to help you make smarter choices. Let’s find out!

Top 10 Best Pirate Board Games

1. Dead Men Tell No Tales Board Game

  • An excellent game for people who like adventures.
  • The competition for 2-5 players. However, there is no hidden information among players, so playing solo with multiple roles is another choice.
  • The time for a play around 60-75 minutes. 
  • Co-operative games using the Action Point system to help players can determine what a player does on their turn.

2. Black Fleet

  • A funny game for 3-4 players is a great choice for a family game night in a 60-minute playing of time. 
  • Eye-catching graphic design, sizeable beautiful game board.
  • Easy to play with plenty of characters like pirates, merchants, and royal navy.
  • Reasonable price.

3. Catan Extension: Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player

  • A game for 5-6 players. 
  • Take about 90-180 minutes to play.
  • It would be best if you had a Catan game (aka The Settlers of Catan), a Catan: 5&6 Player extension, and a Catan: Explorers & Pirates expansion to play.
  • The game is a combination of a builder game and an exploration game. The fresh experiences like building harbor settlements, ships, settlers, as well as discovering new lands and goldfields.

4. Pina Pirata Board Game

  • A fun family game for 2- 6 players.
  • The time for a play about 30 minutes.
  • The game is a challenging adventure to find the Golden Pineapple map, precious treasures, and become a legendary pirate.
  • Easy to play and suitable for all ages.

5. USAOPOLY MN004-123-17 Pirates of The Caribbean Ultimate Edition Monopoly Board Game, Multicolor

  • Great version of classic monopoly with the iconic characters from the entire film, six collectible ship tokens, and custom pirate boot. 
  • Promote your possession with small and large caches.
  • Suitable for 2-6 players who must be 8 years old or older.
  • Material Type: Paper, completely non-toxic.
  • Made in the USA at an affordable price.

6. Asmodee Jamaica

  • The game for 2-6 players lasts 30-60 minutes. 
  • It is a fantastic family game that is easy to learn and pick up with enough strategy to keep everyone interested and re-playable.
  • The artwork is also very colorful and exciting. 
  • The quality of the product is excellent. The playing cards are illustrating amazingly.

7. The Pirate Republic

  • For 1-5 players who must be 14 years old or older.
  • Take 60-90 minutes to play.
  • The game is set in the West Indies and unlike many other pirates, it’s co-operative, competitive, and includes a hidden traitor.
  • A great production with beautiful artwork.

8. CMON Rum and Bones Board Game

  • 2-6 game players, 60 minutes playtime.
  •  Using the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) system by having players control multiple characters like a hero to move and attack the other player. 
  • Different character actions change the high strategy through each phase of the game.
  • The game comes with awesome artwork.

9. SeaFall

  • The contest for 3 to 5 players. 
  • It lasts 90 to 120 minutes. 
  • The gameplay is an in-depth, highly strategic, and high replay value.
  • There’s not only any player elimination here which is always nice for a board game but also brings anotheranother legacy system.
  • The price is low, helping you to have a satisfying item but can save money.

10. IELLO Sea of Clouds Board Game

  • Suitable for 2-4 players who over 10 years old. 
  • The time for a play about 40 minutes. 
  • A fantastic game, easy to understand and play. 
  • Using the Winston-style drafting mechanic and the theming and artwork is incredible and fun. 
  • Many cards and mechanics fit the Pirate theme well.

Above are the top 10 most outstanding pirate board games in 2020. These exciting and fun games will contribute to bringing you relaxing times with your family as well as your friends. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best pirate board game for you. Thank you for reading!

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Top 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Board 2020

The best magnetic drawing boards are more than just excellent toys for your little ones to have fun with. These boards help the little one to practice drawing as they grow up. The gadget also increases the creativity of your toddler as they practice drawing. Furthermore, magnetic tools are an essential gadget for teaching your kid how to read and write. Therefore, the product is one of the excellent ways of entertaining your kids. You don’t need to amuse them using television or the internet.

In this article, you will be able to know some of the latest and best magnetic drawing boards. You will be able to identify some of the best specifications of the gadgets. Thus, before you decide to buy this product, you will have some clue.

Best Magnetic Drawing Board

1. A-Sgnile Large magnetic board

One of the best and most effective learning tools for your kid is the A-Sgnile magnet board. This tool is the best magnetic drawing board for 2 year old kids.

The drawing board includes a few magnetic stampers and the ability to clear it away and start again; thus, easy to use.

The drawing board is lightweight and portable. Thus, your kid can easily carry the drawing board and move around with it. This board has made of high-quality material while keeping health precautions in mind.

You will love the size of the board. For two-year-old little ones, they can comfortably grip the pencil and the stencils.

The drawing board comes in different colors. The colors make it more attractive for your kid. The board is big hence making it easy to draw and erase. So, your kids can learn drawing and sketch on this erasable board.

2. HAIMST Magnetic Drawing boards

The colors of this board are bright, and the size is perfect. Thus, your kids will prefer them since they are attractive. The quality and the material have used in this product are accurate.

The lines of this drawing board easily blend. Thus, when drawing the line, they come out very clean and smooth. This is the best magnetic drawing board for 2-year-old kids that will hinder kids wall and floor drawings.

Even though your kids are two years old, he will enjoy it when he sees the strokes appearing on the board as he moves the hands. Therefore, your kid will have fun as he uses the drawing board.

The board is big hence making it easy to draw and erase. Your kids can erase the board with ease since it has a big drawing board.HAIMST boards can write using different colors. Thus, eye-catching to your kids.

3. Meland Magnetic drawing board

The drawing board has a beautiful and durable string. Therefore, you can easily carry the board. The rope also helps to hold the pin in place.

The drawing board is excellent since it has different colors. Therefore, the board looks attractive to your kids.

The drawing board comes with three different shapes. This drawing board has designed freshly. Also, different shapes and colors have offered to users.  Thus, you have the best magnetic drawing board for 2 year old with a variety of choices to pick.

Furthermore, the board has a smooth wiper. The wiper leaves no residue after you wipe. The best of its features is convenient usage and the best quality.

The drawing board also has three shaped magic chips. The magic chips make it unique from other types of drawing boards.

4. Travel AMOSTING magnetic board sketch pad

Another top-rated and the best magnetic drawing board for 3 year old is the Travel Sketch pad. The drawing board is perfect. The board is much bigger than other boards, thus easy to write or draw on them.

The drawing board has different colors. The colors make it more attractive for your kid. The drawing surface is pretty significant. Therefore, your kid can quickly draw or write on the drawing with ease.

The board is sturdy and stable. Thus, the drawing board is durable. The big-screen drawing board gives more space for your toddler to draw. Thus, making it more effective and efficient for your little one.

Furthermore, the board has a smooth wiper. The wiper leaves no residue after you wipe.

5. Vtech write and learn drawing board

You will be fortunate if you get vTech best magnetic drawing board for 3 year old. The size of the board is small. Also, the board is lightweight. Therefore, your kid can easily carry the board around with ease.

The battery slot is easy to open and close. Thus, you will not get hard times opening or closing it. The voice of the vTech drawing board is pleasant and precise in all directions. Thus, the kid can hear the sound.

The screen gives exceptional directions on how to form each other. Therefore, your kid can learn to use it with ease. Thus, making the board easy to use.

Furthermore, you can program the drawing board. The machine comes with the latest technology; thus, you can process and program it easily.

Moreover, the drawing board has a slot that holds the stencils in place. Therefore, there are minimal chances of stencils falling.

6. NextX magnetic drawing board

NextX magnetic drawing board is another best drawing board for your three your old kid. The board is sturdy and stable. Therefore, the board is durable.

The size of the board is medium. Therefore, your kid will be able to carry the board with ease.

The board comes with stickers to decorate the drawing board. Therefore, it is fun for your kid when he uses the drawing board.

The drawing board can form rainbow colors, thus making it unique and attractive.

The board is more prominent than other boards. Therefore, the board feels comfortable when your kid uses the drawing board.

You can write and also erase the letters on the drawing board with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

7. A-Chuckik magnetic drawing board

If you have a toddler, the Chuchik board is one of the best magnetic board for toddlers. The drawing board is smooth and quiet. Thus, minimal disturbance when your toddler uses it.

The erase bar and the magnets of this board are easy to use. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

The drawing board allows the toddler to draw detailed drawings and sharp edges. Also, the colors of this board add a lot of fun value, and the pen draws thinner, darker lines when compared to other types of boards.

You can write and also erase the letters on the drawing board with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

The magnetic board comes with a travel-sized board that is great for keeping your kid happy when traveling. Thus, no need to worry in case you want to visit other places.

8. Game Note magnetic board

The magnetic board is big enough to allow your toddler to use it. Therefore, the gadget feels comfortable in the hands of your toddler.

The drawing board comes with four different rainbow colors, thus making it attractive. The geometric shapes make it look beautiful for your little one.

The erase tab of the board works very smoothly and with little help. Therefore, your kid can erase the drawing board on his own.

Moreover, the drawing board comes with several stickers and stencils. Thus, your toddler can decorate the drawing board as he wants.

The gadget is lightweight since thin plastics make it. Thus, your kid can easily carry the board from one place to the other.

9. FLY2SKY magnet drawing board

Are you planning to buy an elegant and the best magnetic board for a toddler? FLY2SKY is what you should consider buying.

The board has a cute drawing board that is compact enough to fit your toddler’s tote. Thus, the board is attractive.

The screen gives exceptional directions on how to form each other. Therefore, your kid can learn to use it with ease.

The pen of the drawing board stays attached to the board, so you never have to worry about misplacing it. The quality and the material that has used in it is not toxic, and it is safe for children’s health as well.

The drawing board is light and portable. Thus, your kid can easily carry the drawing board and move around with ease. The stickers are strongly magnetic; thus, don’t fall off. Also, it is available at a reasonable price.

10. Wellchild Travel Size Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers

Wellchild is the best magnetic board for toddler, as they can sketch with colored pencils and can learn drawing happily. It comes with the movable quality your kids can take it easy in their bag.

This magnetic board has made while taking the safety precautions of toddlers. It has made of non-toxic material, so it won’t harm their health at all. 

It is an ideal toy for your toddlers as you can help them and entertain them in bad weather with this classic magnetic board at home. It is easy to carry and erase you can get 3 stampers with it as well. 

You will get it at a reasonable price, this magnetic board, with its magnetic pen, bag, and stampers. So, it is a win-win at this reasonable price for your toddler’s learning and happiness. 

Buying Guide for Best Magnetic Drawing Board

It is well known to everyone that over the past ten years, or so the face of education has changed dramatically. Early Childhood Teachers across the country are working hard to equip children with the skills needed for success in the 21st-century world. The present Childhood Development Specialists would always ponder that young children must get introduced to educational toys that can build their creativity. The days of the old chalkboard are over as there are now magnetic drawing boards. The following write up will give a guideline to the potential buyers to get the best magnetic drawing board.

Size and Weight of the Magnetic Drawing Board

The parents have to be careful while selecting the best Magnetic Drawing Board as the board will be used by their beloved kids. In fact, in the present market, there are different sizes and weights of the Magnetic Drawing Board are available. Few examples are given under:

Ideal Features for the best Magnetic Drawing Board

The length of your magnetic board is ideally 16.15 inches, width is 13 inches, and weight is approximately 12.8 ounces. It has an easy slide eraser where the kids only need to slide the magnetic brush. 

If the length is 15.7 inches and the width is 9 inches. The weight is approximately 1.65 pounds. This is the best magnetic drawing board for 3-year-old kids and above.

The best magnetic drawing board for 2-year-old has 16.9 inches length and width is 13 inches, and weight is 1.15 pounds. This product has recommended for children two (02) years old and above. The item has a slide knot eraser.

Check the Material and Quality

The Magnetic Drawing Board has made from high-grade non-toxic ABS plastic material. This is durable and breaks resistance. The Magnetic Drawing Board has round edges to prevent kids from getting sliced or hurt. The drawing areas can be in different colors like yellow, red, green, and blue.

The Magnetic Drawing Board comes in a packet with a magnetic writing pen. You will get five magnetic shape stamps and a sheet filled with stickers in various prints with the product.

The Price of Magnetic Drawing Board. 

At present, considering the style and standard, the price of the best Magnetic Drawing Board varies from a minimum of $1.19 to $13.69. If you have not liked the best magnetic board for toddler, you have ordered, you can get your money back with a money-back guarantee facility. The unhappy user can get 30 days of money-back guarantee by the manufacturer. 

Prefer Easy Usage and Basic Functions Oriented Product

Now a day, there are plenty of Magnetic Drawing Boards available on the market. Since the product will be used by the little kids, then it has to be easy to use and has all the basic functions.

The Magnetic Drawing Board had designed well to let the young ones draw colorful doodles without showing them harsh and dusty chalk and chalkboard.

The design area has to occupy the most space. The Magnetic Drawing Board must have a sliding eraser at the bottom of the pad.


Just buying toys for your little ones and toddlers is not enough. Excitement and pleasure are not just enough for your kids.

In the market, there are a variety of toys you can buy for your kids to improve their learning ability. The products can also help to improve your kids’ imagination skills.

Therefore, as a responsible parent, you should consider one of the above best magnetic drawing boards. Sure, magnetic drawing boards are an excellent selection for your little ones.