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5 Best Self Healing Cutting Mats Review & Guide 2020

Are you looking for the best self-healing cutting mats because you want a cure for your table?

When we do some work, especially cutting ones, the table also gets some marks on it. Do you get upset by seeing the cut marks on your favorite table?

If you wish to save your table from all such marks, then cutting mats are there for your rescue. Cutting mats also save a lot of energy, extra work, and time. Along with this, you might also require a stable and accurate board to provide you support whenever you perform any cutting task and need to see whether your cuts are accurate or not.

There are several self-healing mats available in the market of various sizes and different features. Choose the one which suits your working needs!

1. The best choice- Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat

The Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat is the best self-healing cutting mat. It is the most efficient and economic self-healing cutting mat. It measures about 24 by 26 inches and is 3mm thick. It possesses 5 layers of plastic PVC. It has grid lines of half inches marked on it which makes it easy to crop and measure photos. Along with this, it has a metric, angles and inches guides.

The layers of PVC coating on the mat account for its durability and ensure that the mat will not get worn out very soon. In addition, the PVC heals itself after getting cut marks and appears new even after repeated use. This mat will be the best partner for all your projects and will make your work easy and smooth. Do all your projects- whether small or big, light or heavy- on the Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat with the utmost ease.  Moreover, the mat Is functional from both sides. The mat is perfect for all types of work which demand accurate cuttings and also, the several guides provides you a proper frame to do your work.

The surface of the mat gets healed automatically and prevents the blades of your knife from getting blunt. The mat is washable and the user just needs to soak it in water to clean it.

  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all kinds of work
  • Cost-effective
  • Grid lines for accurate measurement
  • Metric, angles, and inches guides
  • Can be used from both sides.
  • Non-rotary

2. The second choice- OLFA self-healing cutting mat

The OLFA is amongst the best self-healing cutting mats. It does more than just protecting the surface on which you work. The mat measures 24 by 26 inches and is 1.5mm thick. One side of the mat is green-colored and is used for general tasks such as crafting and cutting. Whereas, the other side has grid lines marked on it which will help you in precise cutting.

The self-healing feature of the mat reseals the cuts on the surface of the mats to provide a smooth and continuous surface for working. The mats are manufactured with a triple-layered heat welding procedure which accounts for the longevity of the mat. The cutting mat is perfect for cutting diamonds, triangles, and squares. The single-piece mat has a non-slip stable bottom layer with an interlocking top which can rotate the mat for 360 degrees. The mat can be folded which makes it easy to store and carry the mat.

  • Both the sides can be used
  • Grid lines for accurate marking
  • Long-lasting
  • Economic
  • Easy storage and handling
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Can be used only with rotator blades

3. The cost saver- Fiskars Eco self-healing cutting mat

If you want to try out an economic option, then you must go for Fiskars Eco self-healing cutting mat. The polypropylene is the core material used in the manufacturing of the mat. The use of polypropylene makes the mat renewable. Along with inch and metrics guide, the mat also possesses angle measurements of 60, 45, and 30 degrees.

The mat provides a large surface area for doing your work. Although the mat is thin, its quality makes it last longer. The mat can be cleaned by soaking it in water for some time.  You can also clean the mat by soaking it in a mild detergent if it has some stains on it.

  • Recyclable
  • Provides a large surface for cutting
  • Cost-efficient
  • Good quality material
  • Inch and metrics guide
  • Possesses angle measurements
  • Mat is thin

4. Ideal for heavy-duty work- the US Art supply Self-healing cutting mat

The US Art supply self-healing cutting mat features a five-layered construction of PVC and possesses half and 1/8 inches marking on the mat. The mat is 3mm thick. The self-healing mat can be used from both sides. One side is green in color whereas, the other side is black.  It has grid lines on both the sides of the mat. Along with this, it features a 45 and 60-degree angular guides.

The thickness of the mat makes the vinyl moisture to stay for a longer period of time which makes the mat to heal quickly. In addition, it also helps you to maintain the sharpness of the blades. You can perform heavy-duty cuttings on the mat. The surface of the mat is non-sticky and you can just wipe the stains off. It does not require any washing or soaking to clean the stains.

  • 5-layered construction of PVC
  • Half and 1/8 inches marking for accurate cutting
  • 3mm thick
  • Both the sides are functional
  • Grid lines on both sides
  • Mat heals quickly
  • Helps in maintaining the sharpness of the blade
  • Durable
  • good for heavy-duty work
  • non-sticky surface
  • no-rotary

5. The OLFA self-healing cutting mat

The OLFA self-healing mat measures 17 by 24 inches in size. The mat is foldable which makes it easy to handle and carry the mat. The mat is 2.5 inches thick and is long-lasting. The mat features metrics, angular and inch measurements printed on the smooth surface of the mat. The marking on the mat is yellow in color which makes it easy to find them. Also, the yellow markings help you to make tiny marks accurately.

The mat is a preferable choice if you need to carry your mat wherever you go. The mat is designed in such a manner that it can be folded without breaking or spoiling it. When you unfold the mat, it will be straight and will provide precise measurements. The mat has a smooth surface to serve the purpose of cutting and helps to make clean and precise cuttings. The mat can be soaked in water to clean it.

  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Possesses yellow-colored lines for enhancing visibility
  • Versatile
  • It is functional from one side only

Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best self-healing cutting mat which helps you to perform your task easily and is best suitable for your task.

Consider the following factors before confirming your decision.


Size is an important factor to be considered while buying a mat. The size of the mat should be perfect for your work. Usually, you should go for mats which have a large surface area as they can be considered as an ideal for performing almost all kinds of work.


The thickness of the mat is yet another aspect to be considered. The mats which are not much thick might get some cuts on them. Also, they are not useful for all kinds of applications. On the other hand, thick mats can be used for a wide range of applications and they do not get cut easily. They are more durable and versatile.

The kind of cutting knives which can be used

Make sure that your mat works well with both rotaries as well as straight knives. There are some mats which work only with a specific kind of knife. While purchasing a mat, ensure that the mat is suitable for all kinds of knives.


Select a mat which is durable and does not get worn out easily. It should be able to heal itself even after a sharp blade is used on it.

Is it single sided or double sided?

While buying a mat, check whether the mat is functional from both the sides or not. A double-sided mat increases the usability of the mat. There are several mats on which one side of the mat is ruled. It would be preferable to buy such kind of mats as they will be helpful in making precise cuts.

Along with this, the storage and cleaning of the mats should also be considered. The mat should be foldable (or can be rolled) so that they can be stored easily. In addition, the user should be able to clean the mats easily with the help of a spray cleaner or mild detergent

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10 Best Hot Glue Guns: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

If you love to do DIY projects at home then having a hot glue gun can make things much easier for you. This handy tool can provide you with a constant supply of hot melted glue to use for your projects. If you are looking for the best hot glue gun then you are at the right place.

In this article, we have reviewed 10 of the best hot glue guns for you to buy. You can go through the product details to make your pick. Along with it, you will also find a buying guide which can prove to be helpful for you.

Here is the list of the best hot glue guns that you can avail on the market.

1. Topelek Hot Glue Gun

This is one of the perfect tools for your handicrafts and other creative work. With the help of this easy-to-use tool you can do a lot of things. All you need to do is insert the glue stick into the gun tail and preheat it for 3 to 5 minutes.


  1. It heats up fast and maintains a constant temperature.
  2. It is easy and safe to use. It comes with an on/off switch which makes it more convenient for the users.
  3. With the trigger propulsion device, it becomes easier for you to pull the glue sticks into the gun.
  4. It comes with 18-month warranty. Not only that but you also get 45 days money back option.
  5. The product is supplied with 30pcs of environment-friendly glue sticks.
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • 18 months warranty
  • Fast heating
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Short glue sticks

2. Blusmart Hot Glue Gun

This high temperature hot mini glue gun is all you need to complete your art and crafts project. If you love to make creative stuff then this is the ideal tool for you.


  1. It heats up instantly in 2 to 4 minutes.
  2. You get 30 pieces of glue stick which are clear and strong adhesive melt glue sticks.
  3. The glue gun comes with a positive temperature coefficient hater components which prevents overheating.
  4. It is made with premium quality materials for durability.
  5. It comes with 1 year warranty along with 100% money back guarantee.
  • Fast heating
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Durable
  • Uses too much glue

3. Topelek Upgraded 15W/25W Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun

This is a quality tool meant for art and craft projects which comes with dual power control. It allows you to switch between 15W and 25W.


  1. It can heat itself really fast. It takes only 1 to 3 minutes.
  2. The glue features a dual power control which allows you to switch between 15W and 25W.
  3. The product is safe to use as it comes with the trigger propulsion which helps in controlling the flow of the glue better.
  4. You are also provided with 30 pieces of glue sticks.
  5. It comes with 45 days money back guarantee.
  6. The product is covered by 18 month warranty.
  • Rapid heating
  • Dual power control
  • 18 month warranty
  • 45 days money back option
  • None

4. Darice AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Control Hot Glue Gun

The glue gun features a needle nozzle for precision gluing. Apart from that it also has the dual power control feature.


  1. This one of those glue guns that are equipped with dual power control feature. This allows you to control the power of the tool.
  2. This is a 40W glue gun with an energy conscious design which reduces energy demand when it reaches its highest temperature.
  3. It comes with a 5 foot cord.
  4. The product is made with premium quality materials.
  • 40W glue gun
  • Dual power control
  • High quality glue gun
  • Not a wireless model

5. Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun

If you are looking for the ideal glue gun to complete your projects then this could be the best option for you. This user-friendly hot glue gun is the perfect tool for all your DIY projects.


  1. The glue gun is supplied with 30 pieces of glue gun sticks for quick use.
  2. The tool is designed to heat up fast so that you can start with your project quickly.
  3. The heater component is made of PTC which provides the strong heating power.
  4. The glue gun is designed with on/off lighter which indicate the power for preventing the danger and forgetting power.
  5. It has inbuilt protection which protects the glue gun under the heating process.
  • Fast heating
  • Lightweight
  • Portable design
  • Heat protection
  • Needs more pressure to drop glue

6. Aonokoy Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Aonokoy is a well-known brand that is making people’s life better by providing them with the best home improvement tools and services. This hot glue gun is the best example of the quality of the products the company manufactures.


  1. The best thing about the product is that it is a cordless model which means you don’t have to deal with annoying wires while working.
  2. The product is also safe to use as it features high-tech electronic PTC heating technology.
  3. The glue gun heat up very fast and can also control temperature.
  4. It comes with rechargeable batteries and USB electrical interface.
  5. You are also provided with high-quality 20 pieces glue sticks.
  6. It has power switch with LED light mode.
  7. The product is easy to carry and is covered by 1 year warranty.
  • Safe to use
  • Portable design
  • Cordless
  • 1 year warranty
  • Expensive

7. Robi P305 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Hot Glue Gun

With this hot glue gun, you can get maximum control. It comes with a large trigger which is big enough to support two fingers. Thus, you will have full control over the glue stream to suit your needs.


  1. The glue gun has safety indicators as it is equipped with LED indicator lights.
  2. It comes with a 4 amp hour battery which keeps it running long without recharging it frequently.
  3. It comes with comfortable ergonomic grip which allows you to have a firm hold on the tool and maneuver it with full precision.
  4. It comes with a large trigger which can support two fingers for complete control over the glue stream.
  • Longer run time
  • Large trigger
  • Easy and safe to use
  • LED light indicators
  • Pricey
  • The battery is not good

8. Poniie PN-G30 Mini 30W Hot Melt Glue Gun

Ponniie products are designed to make your work easier and this hot melt glue gun is no exception. This easy to use glue gun can be used for multiple purposes.


  1. The size of the glue gun is bigger than other models which makes it comfortable to use.
  2. It has a fast heating time and also provides you with constant temperature.
  3. The glue gun is also equipped with a long trigger and firm switch for convenient use.
  4. It comes with 35 pieces of environment friendly glue sticks.
  5. The product is covered by 1 year warranty.
  6. It is supplied with high quality gun nozzle protection.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comfortable to use
  • 35 pieces of glue sticks
  • Longer trigger
  • Fast heating time
  • Poor plug

9. Chandler Tool Mini Glue Gun

This unique mini glue gun is all you need to complete your projects. The gun is easy to use which will allow you to complete your work with convenience.


  1. It has a stand-up base which makes craft projects easier. Not only that but it also comes with a traditional stand.
  2. The product is safe and secure to use.
  3. It is available in 25W, 60W and 100W.
  • Comfortable
  • Stand-up base
  • Available in different power
  • Poor quality

10. CCBetter Hot Glue Gun

This is an excellent glue gun which can be used to complete all kinds of projects. With the help of this glue gun, you can delight your family and friends with your beautiful DIY gifts.


  1. It heats up rapidly within 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. It is made of non-toxic, premium fire resistant and thermal insulation materials.
  3. The product has a unique and ergonomic design.
  4. You will get 12 months warranty with the glue gun. Not only that but they are also offering you with 1 year full refunds.
  • Fast heating
  • 12 month warranty
  • 1 year full refunds
  • Expensive

Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a new hot glue gun you need to make sure that you are buying the best model on the market. For this you need to look into a few factors that will help you determine whether the product is worth your investment or not.

If you are buying a glue gun for the first time you can take help from the guide provided below. Here you go with the details.

  1. Manual feed and trigger feed

There are two types of feeds including manual feed and trigger feed. In manual feed you are required to push the glue stick in order to release the melted glue. But in trigger glue it requires only one hand operation. All you need to do is squeeze the trigger to release the melted glue.

  • Nozzles

When you choose to buy a high quality glue gun, you will get replaceable nozzles. If your nozzle breaks after using it over time, you can replace it with a new one. Not only that but it also allows you to clean a nozzle and use another one if it’s dirty.

  • Heating capacity

Another important consideration is to check the heating capacity of the glue gun. Most of the glue guns are designed to heat and melt the entire glue stick in just 3 to 5 minutes time. However, this may vary depending on the type of glue you are using. You should be informed that too much of heat can ruin the glue.

  • Cordless or wired

You can get both corded and cordless glue guns. The cordless ones are powered by rechargeable batteries. These type of glue guns are actually more comfortable to use as you don’t have to deal with the wires while working. But you need to charge the batteries from time to time to keep it running. In this case, you may feel that a wired one is better.

  • Glue gun stand

Many of the glue guns are equipped with a glue gun stand that allows you to keep the tip of the glue gun away from the surface. This proves to be really handy. But the problem is that not all glue guns come with a base stand.

  • Price

Glue guns are available in various price ranges. You can get both cheap and expensive glue guns. If you choose a glue gun with more features, it will cost your more. You need to choose a model based on your price budget.

So these are the main points that you need to look into while buying a glue gun. Now that you know all the factors it should be easier for you to the best model for yourself.

Hot glue guns are easy to use DIY tools which can help you in a variety of tasks. If you are into art and craft then having a glue gun is a must for you. But make sure that you buy only the best product for yourself.


Learn about slime kits

What are slime kits?  There are many people who don’t know about these toys. Slime kits are becoming more popular recently, but the number of people who know about it is quite small. So today I will provide information about slime kits for those who want to learn about this new toy. Discover it

What are slime kits?

Slime kits is a pretty hot name today, this is the name of a handmade toy originating from abroad. Get the idea from a story about ghost monsters that know how to turn into all things to escape human pursuit. They are often called ghostly slime.

Despite the monstrous shape, they are very cute, just want to play and make friends with people, not to harm anyone. Slime is a special form of plastic with both soft, hard, flexible, tough, soft properties, transforming into the shape of its body. Slime toys can slip through the needle, can spin as thin as silk, change shape unexpectedly and quickly. Therefore, players must be extremely agile and flexible in the way they play.

How many types of slime?

Slime has 3 basic types classified based on its elasticity:

  • Slime with basic plastic material: This slime does not stick to hands, making it simple
  • High-performance plastic slime: This slime has higher ductility, stretching and can create many different shapes.
  • Super stretchy slime: High ductility but quite sticky and able to stretch out.

Who can play slime?

Anyone can play with this “ghost slime” game. Especially this game is extremely attractive to young children. Adults can also play this game when free or at leisure time. Try playing slime you will see how exciting this game is.

What are the slime kits used for?

Slime was created for the purpose of entertainment in the free time, especially children love to play this slime. In addition, they can clean up computer keyboard slots, piano keys, car air-conditioning slots. They are monstrous but very useful, right?

Not yet Let’s see what the slime kits bring to children:

  • Stimulate creativity through thinking, creating diverse works from toys that are not limited to creating shapes like other toys currently on the market.
  • Train perseverance for children. It is very difficult to force a child if he does not like to do it but it will be great if he learns the perseverance and patience by playing a game like the ghostly slime toy that he loves. So everyone is happy. Children are happy because they can play what they want, Parents are happy because children don’t waste time on useless games, but they gain a lot of useful value through playing with Slime toys.
  • If playing with other people or family members. Will help create a bond between family members and understand each other better. That is really the most precious moments of the child as well as the parents and siblings of the child.
  • If you play this slime with others, it is when your child learns the spirit of solidarity, teamwork, cooperation, organization, division, coordination, …
  • Finally, just like other useful games, it is to help players relieve stress and fatigue in work and daily life. When you focus on what you love. It will help you relax a lot. Especially when you feel comfortable, it helps protect your health and balance.

Notes when giving children use of this slime

However, any game has its advantages and disadvantages. So to protect your baby’s health, please follow these notes:

  • On the outside, slime is quite eye-catching with pink, purple, yellow, … and in quite the same as the cake. When seeing children playing slime toys, many parents also fear that the substances that make up this toy will endanger children’s health. However, parents are assured, this is a safe toy, not sticking to the hands.
  • But parents should note that after children play slime, they need to wash their hands to ensure hygiene.
  •  According to food experts, to ensure the safety of children, it is necessary to keep out of reach of children under 3 years old, to prevent children from confusing confectionery and can cause choking for children.
  • Children should not be allowed to play with slime when their hands have scratches and skin injuries.

Note when choosing to buy slime

Currently, there are many slime models with different origins in the market. You should buy slime at reputable stores. Avoid buying poor quality goods made from unsafe materials, which can be a potential risk to your child’s health.


Children often have a lot of toys and often think of lots of different games. Slime is one of the games not to be missed for many kids. Slime game increases creativity for them. This is a harmless game that doesn’t cause violence like many other video games. Try buying and playing it. I’m sure you will be pleased with this toy.

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Top 10 Best Fencing Plier 2020 Reivew & Guide

Despite being a little discovery, fencing pliers are one of the essential tools that you will find. It does not matter whether you are a professional gardener or a DIY person; the pliers will always serve useful for you. These tools are convenient, and you can rely on them from cutting, hammering, and stapling purposes. There are several features, which may attract you to go for the pliers.

To get the most economical pliers with complete functionality, here we are discussing the specifications of the top ten best fencing pliers in 2020. Along with this, the essential buying guide discussion is presented, which will help your shopping easy.

Top 10 Best Fencing Plier Product Reviews

1 – IRWIN Tools Fencing Grip 10-1/4Inches Pliers

If you are looking for an exceptional grip, which can provide ample comfort, then it is apt for you. It is constructed with a nickel and chromium coating, providing durability. The jaws are inbuilt in the machine that ensures the strength of your gripping. Therefore, hammering and cutting become comfortable with the help of these pliers.

A fantastic non-slipping touching grip and anti-pinch technology are also installed in this tool. For any metal or wood cutting purposes, you can use this tool without any issues. The handles are long enough to reach any point and cut the wires smoothly. You can expect a safe and neat fencing activity while using these pliers. Even while you are busy with the fencing process with this plier, there will not be any annoying noise or vibration.

2 – DEWALT Organizer Fencing Tool Pliers

Fencing with this versatile plier is smooth and fun. The hammering ability of these strong pliers is brilliant. You can simply remove the staples and stretch the wires for the fencing purpose. The manufacturers have added two extra wire cutters in this package for the customer benefit.

This cutter is coated with a durable vanadium chrome steel. Therefore, strength, stability, and durability are guaranteed from this product. There is also a bi cushion padding, which helps the user to cut and grip firmly. You can smoothly operate wire cutting or repairing with a single hand. These pliers are lightweight and are handy. The best thing you will love about this product is the high-end quality. It can surely become your favorite fencing tool once you start using it.

You may also consider the superiority of their quality and reliability, which is highly dominant in the fencing market. This tool also has a premium quality design in its look that makes it unique to the others.

3 – Crescent Joint Heavy Solid Duty Fencing Pliers

The builders have constructed this plier with high-quality design in mind. Modern technology is used while constructing the plier. It is coated with alloy steel to get maximum strength and durability. To get extensive rigidity, the hammerhead shape is corrugated.

The sharpness of the staple claws is worth mentioning, as it helps the hammer to work correctly on the wire. Therefore, you will find fencing easy and smooth without wasting much time.

There is a special opening on the upper part of this plier. It allows a firm grip with no slipping mechanism. Users will not cut their fingers while working on the wires.  Another essential feature of this plier is the beautiful polished top.  There is a two-way technique for thick cutting of the high tensile wire of the fence. The sturdiness and versatile features of this plier may attract you to go for this tool surely. You, as a professional or a DIY person, can use it beautifully.

4 – Channelllock Tool Fence Pliers

When you are interested in maintaining the smooth wire fencing, try this new product. The pliers are at least 10 inches long. Based on the long term reliability and effective wire cutting, you can surely choose this tool. Gripping comfort is guaranteed from this product. The handles are well designed for these pliers and have an extended length so that wire cutting becomes simpler.

With the help of this plier, you can do both tensile fencing and standard cutting. Even choosing from thickness to thinness of the wire and shaping them accurately is also done effectively with this. For any maintenance or installation of fencing, use it, and see the difference. The presence of high-end staples allows you to save your finger while fencing. There is a puller function associated with this staple.    

5 – Allied Tools Cutting 10 Inches Pliers

The brand is famously known for constructing the best functional tools for fencing. To get enhanced performance in fencing, you can bring home this product. It is made up of carbon steel. If you are interested in going for an enhanced life long plier, then it is the product for you.

The ergonomic design of the long handles ensures the easy fencing task. It is very comfortable. There are soft cushion padding in the handles so that users do not feel any pain on their hands while working. The non-slipping technique is fantastic in this product.

You can expect sturdy edges in the cutting with this tool. The teeth or jaw of this plier has a moderate gripping ability. Generally, this is suitable for thick wire cutting. While fencing often people want to replace staples, this tool does the job best.  This sharp and robust tool with a hook is best for your nail stapling or fencing purpose.

6 – Bates Multiple Purpose Wired Fencing Pliers

You can opt for this economic plier. The construction is built of steel alloy. You can expect a long last execution from this product. Rust-resistant material is also one of the main advantages of this tool.  Even if the environmental conditions vary, you can safely use it in your farm fences.

To get a rigid performance, the builders have designed this plier rounded. Therefore two-way wire cutting is safely done by this cutter. Stable grip and sharp jaws are excellent features of this plier. Even the wire is thick; the stapling can be done with it without causing any bend. The non-slipping technique allows the user to hold the handle firmly. There is also thick cushion padding on the handle for a better grip.

7 – King Hammerhead 10 Inches Pliers

This one is the best multipurpose plier tool that you can go for. It is suitable for both DIY users and professionals. The head design is circular, which increases the fine cutting of wire. The accuracy of thick wire cutting is enhanced when you use this product. 

The design of the hammerhead is narrow, so the stapling takes no time. Moreover, the comfortable grip is another function that you should consider for this plier. Extensive and top-class steel is used for its built. Effectiveness in operation and sturdy built are the two prime reasons to go for this product without thinking.

You do not have to worry about rust or any corrosion as this plier can fight through that. Hence using it during the difficult environmental condition will not create a problem for you. Staple removal claw has a wonderful design that helps you to work on hard staples too.

8 – Maasdam Rounded Fencing Pliers

The perfect long length handled plier designed exclusively for better fencing activity. Construction of the handle is made of durable and robust steel. There is a compact design and three separate jaws installed for fast wire cutting. If you are going for this tool, do not worry about thick wire cutting and shaping. The size and design are lightweight.

You can carry it in different areas without any issues. The quality and round nose of this tool are amazing. Further, this ensures a smooth, fencing operation. In case you are dealing with thick wires or cables, then using this plier is a good idea. The cutting precision is excellent for this product. For convenient and speedy fencing activity, you can undoubtedly rely on this plier.

The size of the entire product is apt for any palm size. The handle gripping is soft and does not cause any pain while you are working on the fence. So, this can be one of the best reasons to go for this tool.

9 – Malco Round 10 Inch Fence Pliers

The extensive long plier that can suit your fencing needs is here. You will never have to think about the durability once you start using it. Stainless steel is used for construction, which is stable. For firm control and gripping, the shape is rounded. There are three jaws installed in this plier.

The design of this fencing tool is versatile and is suitable for many nail cutting purposes. It is effortless to handle because of the lightweight. There are the textured surfaces of this tool that ensures safe cutting and fencing. In case you are looking for thick and robust wire cutting experience, then you should try these pliers without any doubts.

The reason to choose Malco, plier, is the compact design and reliability. This particular model is portable, which again suits the requirement for adequate fencing. The three divided jaws are useful for pulling and gripping nicely. Again, a 9-gauge wire can be chewed off well with the help of this tool.

10 – Michigan Industrial Tools Multipurpose Brand Heavy Duty Pliers

The manufacturers have constructed this tool with specially treated steel built. Jaws are installed in these machined pliers. The handles are long and have cushion padding. This cushioning helps the user to get a maximum amount of comfort. It works best for separating the wire channels or hammering. Even the two ways wire cutting is also possible with the help of this machine.

The plier is large and has a heavy-duty mechanism. Fencing in spring becomes smooth and fun with the help of this product. The best part of this tool is the beautiful, gripping mechanism, which ensures the cutting without movement. Any kind of hammering or nail finishing activity is done nicely with this plier. If you are into cable cutting, then try this tool and see the difference.

What Are The Factors For Considering While Buying Best Fencing Plier In 2020?

The correct set of tools is always a necessity in every work. The fencing pliers have no exception in it. We have channelized the essential key points, which you can think before buying the pliers from the above list.


The first and foremost criterion to choose the plier is the reason you want to invest in it. The basic functionality and the price should be well checked before buying it. Go for the premium quality pliers for the effective operation of the fencing. However, if you are choosing economical pliers, then check the content and hand ability of the product too. No matter which plier you are investing in, you should check whether pulling the staples from wood or fence, etc. are done correctly. Depending on these roles, pick up the plier you want.

Durable Feature

The long-lasting feature is the most critical part when it comes to pliers. Shape, size, or the built all are essential points to think about when durability is measured. For fencing, you may use it as staple clawing, gripping, or puller, etc.  Depending on the mode of your fencing activity, choose the material of the plier. Going for stainless steel is always best than cheap plastic coatings.


It is always easy for a DIY user to change and customize the pliers. When it comes to professionals, then selecting pliers based on priority comes in place. Of course, going for high-end quality tools can make your work better. This also makes your job fast without wasting time. If you are a professional, then we recommend a 7 in 1 function tool that is better for you.

 Always remember the top class tools can make the work more comfortable for you any day. When you want to do DIY, choose the materials, which are readily available in the nearby store or online. Check for the comfortable accessories to make the plier effective and robust.

Comfort Level   

To get the well-designed tool, you should always invest in the products, which are comfortable for your hands. Due to the shoddy building of the handles, the sore or pain in the hands may appear. Try going for non-slipping pliers. The best part about non-slip tools with extended length is the moveability of the tool.

If you are a professional, you may have to use the plier for long hours. The plier should not slip away from your hands due to sweat. Again the strength of the handle grip is also necessary at the same time so that it doesn’t cause any injury.

Again, according to the size of the palms, you can decide on these tools. For instance, you can go for slimming fence pliers if your hand size is small. The gripping is better in them. Two-handled pliers are also beneficial for fast wire cutting with perfection.

Gripping Slots

You should be able to grasp the plier well. Therefore, check if there is a gap between the gripping edges of the tool. This is favorable for cutting or puling and even bending the cables.


It does not matter whether you go for a high priced tool or low budget, but maintenance is essential. From time to time, you have to clean the pliers.

Rust Preventive Coating

You already know how rust can damage the tool. Therefore going for the anti-rust function of the plier is always the best idea. When you are using the pliers for outdoor activity, then the environmental conditions can vary. Hence, keep that in mind and choose the fencing tools.


Go for the products in which the storage case is provided. Keeping the pliers or another fencing tool in a neat way is also essential. Further, this also helps to build the longevity of the tool.

Check The Handles

The most useful part of the plier is the handle. Therefore, pay extra attention to its built. Do check if the condition of the handles is better. Gripping should be reliable, but it should not cause any pain in your hands.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut wires with pliers?

For diagonal wire, cutting, you can surely sue the rounded or sharp-headed pliers. Any type of thick wires can be cut smoothly with the pliers.

What is the importance of fencing pliers?

Fencing pliers have the most versatile functions. They are widely used for hitting nails, pulling staples, cutting wires, twisting cables and stretching thick cables. Of course, you can use these pliers both in metals and woods.

Can you get shocked by using a coaxial cable?

By touching the outer shield of the coaxial cable, you won’t get any shock. However, you should always check the grounding system before touching the wire for cutting.


There are various and varied types of pliers available in the market. We hope you research thoroughly to get the convenient and long-lasting best fencing plier. Do not compromise on your budget. As there are online discounts and offers that go on. Check the specifications and compare the prices well before shopping.

DIY Tools

10 Best Paint Brushes 2020: Reviews & Guide

A painter dreamed of traveling through a beautiful hill station and captured the views in his memory. Later, he described that view to others by painting his dream on canvas. He designed the view so precisely that would not been so clear to others if he would have described it verbally. Painting is an art that speaks a lot about a painter’s imagination. Painting the views without a perfect paintbrush is not possible. The best paintbrush is the most vital component in making an acrylic painting that helps an artist to create his idea. The best paint brushes not only helps in holding the paints beautifully but it also delivers clear lines on the canvas surface. Todays’ market is full of varieties of paintbrushes but only an artist can identify the best paint brushes among all. Every artist has a different style of painting and different choices of their paintbrushes that helps them in creating their art. In acrylic painting, certain types of paintbrushes are used. No paintbrushes are the same and if you would buy the random paint brushes for acrylic painting you may find them not suitable to your art.

Here is the list of few best paint brushes that will guide you to choose the best from varieties of paintbrushes and you can purchase them online-

BenicciArtist Acrylic Paint Brushes

Benicci Artist Acrylic Paint Brushesare the set of professional acrylic paint brushes with the double clamped bristles that prevent it from getting fall down. Brushes with the falling hairs are very uncomfortable to use and seem unprofessional. To avoid its hair fall while using it, the hairs in these brushes are strongly attached to the handle through the very strong ferrules. These acrylic paint brushes are available in different sizes of half, two, four and eight numbers. These brushes are of various sizes like round, angular, comb, fan, glaze and flat. They are very comfortable to hold due to their well designed wooden handles that provide comfort and support to your hand. This set of artist acrylic paint brushes can be used in other paintings also such as water coloring, oil painting, and acrylic painting.


  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Double-clamped bristles
  • Comfortable and easy to hold the handle
  • Attached with very strong ferrules

Crafts 4 all Nylon Hair Acrylic Paint Brushes

Nylon hair acrylic paint brushes are one of the best acrylic paint brushes at lower costs. It can be purchased in different that have brushes of different sizes and shapes. The brushes of numerous shapes in these packs make the color mixing easy. And due to its number of shapes and sizes, these brushes can be used for multiple purposes. You may use them for watercolors, face painting, and much other craftwork. These paintbrushes can also be used for manicures. 

The nylon hair acrylic paintbrushes have the anti-shedding bristles so you can work without getting disturbed by the falling bristle hairs. The ferrules of nylon hair brushes are of nickel that does not rust and is in good condition for a longer period. The bristles are perfectly attached to these ferrules and make the brushes very strong. These brushes are available in various colors that make them more attractive for you to purchase.


  • Anti shedding bristles
  • Anti-rust ferrules
  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable

Artilicious Pocket Acrylic Painting Brush Set

Artilicious pocket acrylic paintbrushes are available in the set of twenty-five brushes. The brushes in the set are of all the size and style that an acrylic painter would require. All its shapes viz flat, round, angle, etc are available in the set. Its zero-sized sharp-pointed paintbrushes can also be used for making fine lines and writing purposes. 

The bristles of artilicious pocket acrylic paint brushes are made of nylon and camel hairs. The hairs of both these long lasting, and affordable in price. It contains very light and long handles that are made of wood. Coating over the handles makes them comfortable to use and avoid moisture in hands while using it. It is the best acrylic painting brush tool for painting learners.


  • Variety of styles and size
  • Long-lasting bristles of nylon and camel hairs
  •  Pointed paint brushes are also available that may be used for fine lines and writing.

Artify Acrylics Paint Brushes

Artify acrylic paint brushes are the set of around twelve paintbrushes of different styles like round, angular, fan, flat, etc. These brushes are made of synthetic nylon hair bristles. The bristle hairs are smoother enough to be used and they mentioned are harder also as the shedding pressure gets reduced during its multiple uses. These paintbrushes are long-lasting and can be used for years. Its different shapes would allow an artist to use it for all smaller or larger strokes while painting. The artify acrylics paint brushes are available in almost all styles of paintbrushes that are used by the artist. This set also contains a large brush which is beneficial when the coloring is required in a large area. Along with painting these acrylic paint brushes can also be used in polishing the base and in removing the dust on it. 


  • A large multipurpose paintbrush
  • Made up of non-toxic materials
  • All brushes are of different styles

D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes

D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes are the long-handled brushes. Its handles are very light and made of wood that makes this paint brushes comfortable to use. The hairs of this acrylic paintbrush are very soft and anti-shedding that plays a major role in creating a neat and perfectly finished painting. These paintbrushes can be used in uncountable projects due to its versatility of applying oil and watercolors. The bristles of these paintbrushes are available in both synthetic hair and natural hair. They are offered in round, angled, wide, flat, filbert shapes. D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes are one of the best acrylic paint brushes for making small objects or designs.


  • Long-handled
  • Different styles of brushes
  • Available with bristles of both synthetic and natural hairs

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Brushes 15-pc brush set

MyArtscape acrylic paint brushes are the best paintbrushes with the bristles of synthetic hairs. Synthetic hairs are long-lasting as the natural hair usually frizzes and falls while using. But the synthetic hairs do not fall so early when used regularly. These brushes are known for their strong tip which is used for drawing fine, thin and broad lines while painting. These brushes are the best for making outlines to an image in the painting. They are available in various shapes and sizes and are versatile to use. They can be used in nail art, face painting, and many more artworks. The handles of MyArtscape acrylic paint brushes are quite stylish and durable too. This brush, when purchased in white or silver colors, gives a stylish and classy look among other paintbrushes.


  • Strong tips of these brushes are best for fine precise painting
  • Anti shedding and long-lasting hairs
  • Can be used in nail art and face painting and many more painting styles

DUGATO Fan Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes set 9pcs soft anti-shedding nylon hair

Fan Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes are the brushes that have a fan style organized hair. These are available in around six sizes having the fan style bristles viz 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. 12 is the largest size of Fan style acrylic paint brushes, which is used only on the canvas or large papers. These brushes can be used for making grasslands, leaves and other such designs. They are also easy to use in nail art and other projects for making these types of designs. The handles of these brushes are made of wood and are usually longer. This handle is further coated with strong paints to make them stronger and comfortable to use. The ferrules and brushes of these acrylic paint brushes are of high quality that ensures its longer durability. They have nylon hairs that are strongly attached to the strong aluminum ferrule.


  • Strongly attached nylon hairs
  • Strong ferrules of good quality aluminum
  • Long and strong wooden handles

Liner Brushes for acrylic paint

These liner paint brushes for acrylic paint are very slim having long bristles. They look similar to the round brushes but are very much smaller than the normal round brushes. These brushes are used for making fine lines in the arts. They can be used with acrylic paints and with the ink also for making very slim outlines in an art. Liner brushes can also be used for writing content on the painting as the tip of this brush is very sharp and small. The sharp pointed tip of this brush makes it easier for and artist to sign the painting created by them. They can be used dry but the wet brush gives its best output. The wet liner brush will provide the smoother paint flow with the perfect finishing. Many artists use ink with these brushes and avoid using pens for signing or writing any content on their paintings.


  • Best for fine line drawing
  • Can be used for writing text and signing on the painting
  • Apart from colors ink can also be used with this brush

Acrylic Paint Angular Brush

The acrylic paint brushes are the best paint brushes for making curves and other shapes that require the thickly outlined shapes. Angled brushes are also used for making the thin to thick linework using one brush only at one go. They are available in different angles that are used as the artists’ work demands. These acrylic paint brushes have an angled tip and they are also known as the slanted or angled brushes. The hairs at the bristles of the angled acrylic paint brushes are not so long but they are enough to be used comfortably. The hairs in this paintbrush are anti-shedding and synthetic hairs are used in it. These are the best acrylic paint brushes for the painters who prefer to paint on canvas as there are more requirements of the curves. 


  • Best for making curves
  • Comfortable to use
  • Slanting thick shapes can be drawn

Acrylic paint wash brush

The acrylic paint wash brushes are very big paintbrushes. They are usually available in all the paint brushes set. You may find it easily in the set as it is the largest paintbrush of all. These brushes have strong hair bristles attached with the metallic ferrule that ensures its durability. These brushes are available with both the synthetic and natural hairs. The shapes of these brushes are normally similar to the other large brushes. The tip of these brushes is wider and the handle is longer than other paintbrushes. Acrylic paint wash brushes are the best brushes that are used for covering the larger parts of the paper or canvas. They can be used dry but the artists prefer to use them wet for quick maximum canvas coverage. Due to its thickness, they require more acrylic paint and water when used. They can be used with fewer colors and more water but it depends on the artists’ work requirements.


  • Largest acrylic paintbrush
  • Strong and anti-shedding hairs
  • Best for covering the larger parts of the canvas with ease and quickly

Guide to Buy

You should consider the following basics before purchasing a paintbrush for acrylic painting:

  1. Size: You should consider the size of both the stick and the bristles before buying a paintbrush. Usually, the size of brushes is available in number i.e.,0,00,000,1,2 till 20. 0 sized brushes are the smallest sized brush which is used for making fine lines. Till the number 6, brushes are in a small category, they are in mid-range from 6 to 14 and the paintbrushes of numbers between 14 to 20 are considered to be the large size brushes.
  2. Shape: Shapes in brushes are the shapes of the bristles part. Various shapes of these bristles are flat, round, fan-shaped, pointed, angled, etc. The shapes of the paintbrushes matter a lot for making an acrylic painting and should be selected accordingly. 

Durability: A Paintbrush with the falling bristles does not worth its work requirement. The sticks of the paintbrushes are mostly of wood covered with paints or rubber but the bristles hair are of two types one is synthetic which is more durable and the other is natural which are softer but less durable than the synthetic hairs.


How to make slime kits

Slime kits are becoming an increasingly popular toy with many young children and even adults recently. They are sold abundantly in the market with different colors, shapes, and materials. Helping buyers can easily select.

Users can perform their creativity while playing with it. However. Not all slime sales addresses have clear and reputable origins. If the kids like to play slime kits, you still don’t feel secure about the quality of the product. Why don’t you try making a slime? How to make it extremely simple and safe. Let’s explore it

  •  How to play with slime kits?

Slime has many ways to play, babies can change every day so they don’t get bored.

 Blow the ball

Just like the game blowing bubbles with soap, blowing bubbles with slime is as simple as that, but it will certainly be much more interesting. Slime has good elasticity when blowing slime will inflate like a ball without being fragile like soap bubbles.

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 Character designer

Speaking of shaping, the only slime kits can change the shape in such a blink. This is the hottest game. It is quite similar to modeling with clay but because slime has different properties, you will feel more excited.

Make the ball bounce

She can round slime and drop the ball from above. Because slime is easily dried when throwing the ball you will feel the change of the state of the ball.

  • Ways to make slime kits simple

You can find slime at reputable stores. However, the price of slime kits in this place is not as cheap as in the sidewalk shops. But buying slime in shops is not safe in quality. So what to do? “Ghostly slime” is easy to do. You just need to find out some information, buy materials at grocery stores that can make slime by hand.

The main material for making slime is a coagulant – this is an activator. This substance is an important material that connects other materials to form adhesive slime. Besides, equally important materials are milk glue and colloidal. Depending on the different slime, there will be some extra materials.

As you have seen slime with more colors or more attractive will need more materials and will also be harder to find. You can make simple slime kits with simple materials that are easy to find. Here are ways to make them you can study by yourself.

Make slime kits with easy-to-find ingredients

  • Making slime transparent.


100ml transparent glue.

200ml of warm water.

30ml saline solution.

6gr baking salt.

Steps to make slime transparent:

  • Step 1: Stir hot water and baking soda to dissolve the solution together. Let the salt bloom to one side.
  • Step 2: Pour transparent glue into another small bowl.
  • Step 3: Continue adding cold water to the bowl.
  • Step 4: Add salt solution.
  • Step 5: Put the prepared ingredients in the same bowl and stir well. A while will notice the mixture of oil.
  • Step 6: Pour the mixture of glue and baking soda into the bowl.
  • Step 7: Carefully stir the baking salt mixture by hand.
  • Step 8: Filter the baking salt mixture into another bowl. You already have a flexible slime mixture.
  • Steps to make slime with saltwater
  • Step 1: You use 1 bottle of water glue to put in the bowl, use the lid of the bottle to freeze 2 cups of filtered water to the bowl. Use a stick to stir this solution.
  •  Step 2: After dissolving the solution, use the lid of the jar to add 1 more dishwashing liquid to the bowl and stir well.
  • Step 3: Use the salt to add to another bowl and add some water. Then stir the solution thoroughly.
  • Step 4: Mix well these 2 mixes to produce slime. You continue to add salt to the bowl and stir slowly.
  • How to make slime with milk glue


Milk glue


Stirring rod



  • Step 1: Add toothpaste and glue the same amount of milk into 2 separate bowls.
  • Step 2: Stir 2 capacities and mix. After seeing the mixture can be held, you can create simple slime from milk glue and toothpaste.

In conclusion

I have introduced some ways to make slime that you can do at home. Besides, there are many other ways that I did not recommend such as making slime with a slurry solution. Hopefully, with simple ways to make slime that introduced above, you can create safe slime kits for children to play.


Best Washi Tapes 2020 Reviews

The best washi tapes are conventional among crafters. Originated from Japan, it is an appealing ornamental paper masking tape usually used for art and craft. These inexpensive tapes come in various colors and patterns. Washi tapes constructed of natural fibers like bamboo and hemp, which makes it thin and sturdy.   

Top 10 Best Washi Tapes Reviews

Here are the top 10 best washi tapes to look for in 2020.

1 – Agutape Washi Masking Tape

The Augtape is one of the best washi masking tapes from Japan. US designers design the tapes. They are thin and can be used to add more color and creativity to your planner, art journal, gift wrapping, and much more. 

Each roll is 3mm wide X 5 meters long. The product comes in a clear PVC box that contains 48 rolls tapes, 16 rolls are foiled washi tape and, there are 32 rolls washi tape. The tapes do not leave any sticky residue and can be removed easily without damaging the surface. This feature makes Augtape washi tapes the best washi tapes in the market.

2 – Mindful Margins Washi Tapes

Mindful Margins cute washi tapes are a fun way to add a splash of color into your planners, vision boards, cards, vision board, books, and calendars, etc. The mindful margins washi tapes are available in colorful designs like pastels, seasonal fall leaves and vintage florals, kawaii and valentine’s day holiday hearts, etc.

The tapes come in three assorted sizes, 7-wide and 15mm Rolls, 7-wide and 8mm Rolls, 7-wide, and 3mm skinny rolls. Hands can easily tear the tapes, so it is safe for kids to use. They can even take-off from the surface and repositioned. The patterns are correct, as displayed in the picture, pink, rose gold, rainbow, red, white, and blue—excellent tapes for adults and kids to create artistic DIY projects.

3 – JAPAP Washi Tape

Japap’s washi tape is high quality and non-toxic, making it suitable for all age groups to be creative with their ideas. A fun decorative set of tapes for your books, furniture, computer monitors, picture frames, art journals.

The tapes are long-lasting, and it is elementary to peel it off the surface without damaging it or leaving a sticky residue! The color and quality of the tapes will not fade over-time. The Japap’s washi tapes are a set of 48 thin rolls of 0.12inch (3mm) wide x 13ft (4m) length. Each tape has unique and beautiful designs. The tapes are easy to cut with hands.

4 – LEEBEE Foil Washi Tape

Set your imagination free and be creative with these tapes. Suitable for all age groups. The Leebee foil washi tapes are a set of 21 metallics and are 15mm (0.6 inches) in width and 4m (158 inches) in length. 

The best washi tapes for furniture, journals and photo frames, cell phone covers, wall art, and for everything you want to give a uniquely creative surface! The vivid and vibrant designs have sparkling purples, rich gold, glistening mermaid greens, and precious gems. The tapes have a mild adhesive, and you can reuse and reposition it without leaving a messy residue.

5 – KOVANO Washi Tapes

Kavano washi tapes is a set of beautiful and elegant tapes. The tapes have four seasonal patterns, florals, landscapes, and animal design, etc. Each tape has a unique design to it. The tapes are super thin, and each roll is 4 meters (13.1 foot) long and 15(0.59) millimeters wide.

Kavano tapes are made from high-quality paper. The tapes can be unstuck and repositioned. These tapes are durable and will not tear off. Hands can easily just cut high-quality tapes. The Kavano washi tapes are also flexible and easy to open. Thus, it makes them the best washi tapes for planners, journals, wrapping gifts, scrapbooks, etc.

6 –  Ninico Washi Tapes 

Ninico’s washi tapes are one of the best washi tapes from Japan. Get creative with these cute and adorable patterned tapes. The tapes are 0.4 inches wide and 16ft long. The tapes are made from the natural fibers found on the bark of mulberry shrubs, bamboo, hemp, wheat, and gampi trees. Therefore, they are entirely non-toxic, making it safe for kids and adults.

The high-quality adhesive tapes are lightweight and can be easily removed from any surface, be it a wall or a mirror, and will not leave any gooey residue. The set has a total of 48 tapes, and each tape has a distinct layout. They are the best washi tapes for walls, lamps, photo frames, packaging gifts, computer monitors, etc. Ninicos’s washi tapes are easy to cut with hands for a cleaner finish. You may use a pair of scissors.

7 – Leebee’s Washi Tape

The Leebee’s washi tape is a set of 40 lively and vibrant color washi tapes. They are 0.3 inches wide and 13ft long. The tapes are available in exciting rainbow hues of purple, orange, yellow, red, green, pink, etc. These washi tapes are a bit transparent. Hence, you may use these tapes to jazz up your old cutlery and glass vase, plain ceramics too!

The tapes have strong adhesive and could stay without wearing off or fading. The Leebee’s washi tapes can be peeled off easily and repositioned. The tapes are suitable for all age groups and are fun to use. It is an excellent way to polish your craft, DIY projects, and even to brighten up your room!

8 – Afatape Gold Foil Washi Tapes

The Afatape gold foil washi tapes have a gold and bronze texture to it. Making it fun for people of all age groups to get creative with their artwork. The tapes are a set of 30 rolls and are 15mm (0.6 inches) in width, 4 meters long (13 feet).

The tapes are easy to use and do not leave a sticky residue when peeled or repositioned. The afatapes are suitable to fulfill your need for decorating your phone cases, cards, walls, etc.!

9 – Ninico’s Glitter Washi Tape

What’s different about these Ninico’s Glitter Washi Tape is that they have adorable and vibrant tones! They are 15mm in width and 3 meters in length. The tapes have 60 assorted designs; ten are in solid colors while the other 50 have beautiful vivid designs.

The Ninico’s tapes are the best washi tapes for furniture, walls, picture frames, books, scrapbooks, and pens, etc. The tapes are safe to use and evenly sized. You can peel it off again and reposition it without tearing it.

10 – Leotor washi Tape

Lester’s washi tapes are a set of colorful and vibrant rainbow tapes. The set contains 30 different designs of red, blue, purple, orange, pink, yellow, and has many other vivid patterns. They are made up of high quality and sized evenly.

So, use your imagination and create a unique art project, journals, walls, phone case, laptop, etc. Decorate anything you want as it is fun and easy to tear it off, reposition and reuse it. The tape does not leave any residue behind and is non-toxic, which makes it safe and suitable for all age groups.

What Are The Factors We Should Consider Before Buying Washi Tapes?

Explore your artistic side with these beautiful washi tapes with exceptionally gorgeous and stunning patterns! A fun way to transform your home and any object with creativity. Before you do, here are some buying tips to make sure you buy the product the suits your needs.


The brand of the product always determines its reliability. A well-renowned brand will deliver a more satisfying product. Many labels use excellent quality paper that is even eco-friendly. Always go through the products that have been most raved. They ensure their credibility.


Various washi tapes are made up of 100% high-quality paper and are eco-friendly. Made up of natural components like gampi tree, mulberry shrubs, wheat, hemp, etc. which makes the tapes safe for kids as an art supply. They don’t lose their color over time either. The adhesive will also not leave a sticky substance behind once it has been peeled off.


There are hundreds of patterns available now to enhance your project, from dazzling golds to elegant pastels. Most of the washi tapes come in a set of assorted colors and bright hues. Look for the ones that suit your unique style.


The tapes are smooth and soft. The flexibility of the tapes allows you to use it to mold it into a shape that you wish. However, always check for the texture before buying washi tapes, some may differ. The tapes are skinny and will never damage any surface. They work great, even on regular paper. The texture of these washi tapes is so malleable that they can be cut into pieces with hands, but for more precise shapes, you may use scissors.


Washi tapes stick to a surface with a good hold. However, it can also be removed gently from any surface, which is one of the best features of washi tapes. They can be peeled-off, repositioned, and reused without leaving any sticky and tacky substance behind. So, this ensures that it is entirely safe and handy for people of all age groups.

Some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are the washi tapes?

Washi tapes are masking tapes. The washi tapes fun and decorative tapes to enhance and polish your art projects and even furniture, and old ceramics. These tapes are adhesive but can be peeled and reused. They are very popular among kids and even adults because they can be utilized for various purposes.

Are washi tapes safe for kids?

Most of the tapes are safe for the kids to use. Many washi tapes now use natural elements to make the tapes, which makes them safe for all age groups. Most high-quality tapes do not have any toxic ingredients. The fibers of these tapes are made from the natural components extracted from nature. However, always go through the description of the product before buying it for kids.

How to use the washi tapes?

The washi tapes are fun, colorful tapes for decorating almost any item you want. The tapes are soft and can be cut without using a scissor, but you may use it to get a bright finish and past it on your desired object. Showcase your creativity with these tapes; use it on walls, furniture, plain vase, etc.

Will the washi tapes damage the surface of the wall or furniture?

Washi Tapes are designed in a way that will stick to almost any surface for long without damaging it. Most tapes will not even tear off when you peel it back from a surface and do not leave a sticky residue; these tapes are entirely safe to use on walls too. However, there are washi tapes that don’t have this feature. Always read reviews before buying the tapes.

Can I use it on kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you may use it for your kitchen cabinet to keep them safe from dust and dirt. They are removed easily, and you just have to wipe off the surface with a dry cloth. It is maintenance-free and will add vibrant color to your kitchen.

Will the tapes tear off as I peel them off?

It generally depends on the quality of the tape. The high-quality tapes will neither tear-off nor damage the surface of the object. Therefore, making these tapes long-lasting.


The world of art has seen new innovative products recently. The washi tapes are now present in vivid and bright patterns and designs. The washi tapes may look delicate but very durable. The soft texture makes it even more appealing to the eyes. Let your imagination take over you as these tapes are a fun and creative way to polish your art projects, journals, phone case, and decor. These art supplies are safe for kids and adults. Add a splash of color into your world with these gorgeous and artsy tapes.


How to choose and store a self-healing cutting mat

Do you know about the self-healing cutting mat? I’m sure many people don’t know about this tool. Self-healing cutting mats are made of thin, light and flexible material. It has many useful applications for humans, especially for carpentry people. Besides helping you measure materials such as wood during crafting. It is also durable, you can cut and manipulate on this tool without worrying about tearing or damage. Another special application of this tool is to help decorate the table surface more beautiful and stand out when making a video.

Let’s take a gander at a number of the school level issues. Below are some great composition subjects that children may discover easy to write. This really is only because, students may immediately connect with several of those things, and for their sake, such themes are inclined to develop into a fascinating theme to speak about writing service. Quit biting on your own nails and attempting to produce issues for persuasive composition.

In virtually every college, pupils obtain an opportunity to communicate their minds on a number of different issues by means of elocution contests. Instructors must also supply the children appropriate guidelines for each sort of composition which they have to write.

With these great applications. It is increasingly known to consumers and widely used. If you want to buy a self-healing cutting mat for yourself. Read this article. I will give some suggestions when selecting and how to preserve this mat following

How to choose the best self-healing cutting mat

Types: As introduced at first. Any time you cut or use a utility knife you need to use this cutting mat. It has a function to help you protect the work surface like a desk and help extend the life of the blade from damage and dullness.

On the market now there are two commonly used types: self-healing and hard surface mat. Mat with a hard surface is extremely hard and firm. You can cut many types of objects but only glide over its surface without cutting it. And with self-healing carpets much more flexible. It is also possible to cut many items on the surface. Especially, during the cutting process you can create a lot of scratches on the carpet, but be assured after about a time it will restore the scratches will disappear.

Both types have many applications in industry and every family. As used in design, printing, signage, apparel, craft, and many other applications.

Thicks of mat: Self-healing mats have different thicknesses. But common thickness from 2mm to 7mm. Very thin 2mm carpet you use with a rotary knife. With a 2mm, you use the rotary knife because it is very thin. Moreover, the plastic structure is less used by many people. Therefore. You should use carpets with a minimum thickness of 3mm which will be better

Sizes of mat: Depending on your needs, choose the right carpet size. If you only use them for a family or a user, use a small mat. But, if the mat is used in production, you buy a carpet that is wide enough that everyone can manipulate and work on it. Currently, You may require the size you want for the manufacturer to sell.

What tools can be used?: When you want to buy a self-cut rug. Make sure it can fit both rotary and straight knives. Most self-healing carpets use these two types of knives, however, with 2mm thick carpet only suitable for rotary knives.

Note: To avoid leaving marks on your rug. Always use a sharp knife, and often clean and replace the blade.

The surface texture of mat: The texture and glare of carpet is also an important factor when choosing. If a carpet is too smooth, it can be slippery when operating. A too shiny and bright slate also makes it difficult for you to work. So you should choose a carpet that is not too bright and not too smooth.

Measurements: You should choose a carpet that has measurements on all four corners for easy measurement at any location you want. Measurements on the surface may be blurred or disappear over time. You can use a ruler instead.

The durability of the carpet: This self-adhesive carpet has very high durability. You can use it for a long time if you have proper storage and use.

How to preserve carpets?

If you use a carpet for a long time without spending money to buy a new one regularly. You need to:

About storage: When you buy a new carpet. It is rolled and left in a bag for easy movement. You must not let it roll like that. You have to spread it because if you roll it for a long time, it will create a fold on the carpet, which is difficult to spread straight during use. As with other carpentry tools like hand saws, .. You should store it in a place where the temperature is right to avoid direct sunlight.

How to clean: You should use a solvent-free cleanser. Because the solvent will cause the carpet surface to be abraded quickly. Instead, use a soft towel to scrub.

In conclusion

I have finished a presentation about how to select and store the self- healing cutting mat. Hope it will be useful for you. Wish you could choose the most suitable cutting mat.

Toy & Game

Top 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Board 2020

The best magnetic drawing boards are more than just excellent toys for your little ones to have fun with. These boards help the little one to practice drawing as they grow up. The gadget also increases the creativity of your toddler as they practice drawing. Furthermore, magnetic tools are an essential gadget for teaching your kid how to read and write. Therefore, the product is one of the excellent ways of entertaining your kids. You don’t need to amuse them using television or the internet.

In this article, you will be able to know some of the latest and best magnetic drawing boards. You will be able to identify some of the best specifications of the gadgets. Thus, before you decide to buy this product, you will have some clue.

Best Magnetic Drawing Board

1. A-Sgnile Large magnetic board

One of the best and most effective learning tools for your kid is the A-Sgnile magnet board. This tool is the best magnetic drawing board for 2 year old kids.

The drawing board includes a few magnetic stampers and the ability to clear it away and start again; thus, easy to use.

The drawing board is lightweight and portable. Thus, your kid can easily carry the drawing board and move around with it. This board has made of high-quality material while keeping health precautions in mind.

You will love the size of the board. For two-year-old little ones, they can comfortably grip the pencil and the stencils.

The drawing board comes in different colors. The colors make it more attractive for your kid. The board is big hence making it easy to draw and erase. So, your kids can learn drawing and sketch on this erasable board.

2. HAIMST Magnetic Drawing boards

The colors of this board are bright, and the size is perfect. Thus, your kids will prefer them since they are attractive. The quality and the material have used in this product are accurate.

The lines of this drawing board easily blend. Thus, when drawing the line, they come out very clean and smooth. This is the best magnetic drawing board for 2-year-old kids that will hinder kids wall and floor drawings.

Even though your kids are two years old, he will enjoy it when he sees the strokes appearing on the board as he moves the hands. Therefore, your kid will have fun as he uses the drawing board.

The board is big hence making it easy to draw and erase. Your kids can erase the board with ease since it has a big drawing board.HAIMST boards can write using different colors. Thus, eye-catching to your kids.

3. Meland Magnetic drawing board

The drawing board has a beautiful and durable string. Therefore, you can easily carry the board. The rope also helps to hold the pin in place.

The drawing board is excellent since it has different colors. Therefore, the board looks attractive to your kids.

The drawing board comes with three different shapes. This drawing board has designed freshly. Also, different shapes and colors have offered to users.  Thus, you have the best magnetic drawing board for 2 year old with a variety of choices to pick.

Furthermore, the board has a smooth wiper. The wiper leaves no residue after you wipe. The best of its features is convenient usage and the best quality.

The drawing board also has three shaped magic chips. The magic chips make it unique from other types of drawing boards.

4. Travel AMOSTING magnetic board sketch pad

Another top-rated and the best magnetic drawing board for 3 year old is the Travel Sketch pad. The drawing board is perfect. The board is much bigger than other boards, thus easy to write or draw on them.

The drawing board has different colors. The colors make it more attractive for your kid. The drawing surface is pretty significant. Therefore, your kid can quickly draw or write on the drawing with ease.

The board is sturdy and stable. Thus, the drawing board is durable. The big-screen drawing board gives more space for your toddler to draw. Thus, making it more effective and efficient for your little one.

Furthermore, the board has a smooth wiper. The wiper leaves no residue after you wipe.

5. Vtech write and learn drawing board

You will be fortunate if you get vTech best magnetic drawing board for 3 year old. The size of the board is small. Also, the board is lightweight. Therefore, your kid can easily carry the board around with ease.

The battery slot is easy to open and close. Thus, you will not get hard times opening or closing it. The voice of the vTech drawing board is pleasant and precise in all directions. Thus, the kid can hear the sound.

The screen gives exceptional directions on how to form each other. Therefore, your kid can learn to use it with ease. Thus, making the board easy to use.

Furthermore, you can program the drawing board. The machine comes with the latest technology; thus, you can process and program it easily.

Moreover, the drawing board has a slot that holds the stencils in place. Therefore, there are minimal chances of stencils falling.

6. NextX magnetic drawing board

NextX magnetic drawing board is another best drawing board for your three your old kid. The board is sturdy and stable. Therefore, the board is durable.

The size of the board is medium. Therefore, your kid will be able to carry the board with ease.

The board comes with stickers to decorate the drawing board. Therefore, it is fun for your kid when he uses the drawing board.

The drawing board can form rainbow colors, thus making it unique and attractive.

The board is more prominent than other boards. Therefore, the board feels comfortable when your kid uses the drawing board.

You can write and also erase the letters on the drawing board with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

7. A-Chuckik magnetic drawing board

If you have a toddler, the Chuchik board is one of the best magnetic board for toddlers. The drawing board is smooth and quiet. Thus, minimal disturbance when your toddler uses it.

The erase bar and the magnets of this board are easy to use. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

The drawing board allows the toddler to draw detailed drawings and sharp edges. Also, the colors of this board add a lot of fun value, and the pen draws thinner, darker lines when compared to other types of boards.

You can write and also erase the letters on the drawing board with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to help your kids wipe the drawing board.

The magnetic board comes with a travel-sized board that is great for keeping your kid happy when traveling. Thus, no need to worry in case you want to visit other places.

8. Game Note magnetic board

The magnetic board is big enough to allow your toddler to use it. Therefore, the gadget feels comfortable in the hands of your toddler.

The drawing board comes with four different rainbow colors, thus making it attractive. The geometric shapes make it look beautiful for your little one.

The erase tab of the board works very smoothly and with little help. Therefore, your kid can erase the drawing board on his own.

Moreover, the drawing board comes with several stickers and stencils. Thus, your toddler can decorate the drawing board as he wants.

The gadget is lightweight since thin plastics make it. Thus, your kid can easily carry the board from one place to the other.

9. FLY2SKY magnet drawing board

Are you planning to buy an elegant and the best magnetic board for a toddler? FLY2SKY is what you should consider buying.

The board has a cute drawing board that is compact enough to fit your toddler’s tote. Thus, the board is attractive.

The screen gives exceptional directions on how to form each other. Therefore, your kid can learn to use it with ease.

The pen of the drawing board stays attached to the board, so you never have to worry about misplacing it. The quality and the material that has used in it is not toxic, and it is safe for children’s health as well.

The drawing board is light and portable. Thus, your kid can easily carry the drawing board and move around with ease. The stickers are strongly magnetic; thus, don’t fall off. Also, it is available at a reasonable price.

10. Wellchild Travel Size Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers

Wellchild is the best magnetic board for toddler, as they can sketch with colored pencils and can learn drawing happily. It comes with the movable quality your kids can take it easy in their bag.

This magnetic board has made while taking the safety precautions of toddlers. It has made of non-toxic material, so it won’t harm their health at all. 

It is an ideal toy for your toddlers as you can help them and entertain them in bad weather with this classic magnetic board at home. It is easy to carry and erase you can get 3 stampers with it as well. 

You will get it at a reasonable price, this magnetic board, with its magnetic pen, bag, and stampers. So, it is a win-win at this reasonable price for your toddler’s learning and happiness. 

Buying Guide for Best Magnetic Drawing Board

It is well known to everyone that over the past ten years, or so the face of education has changed dramatically. Early Childhood Teachers across the country are working hard to equip children with the skills needed for success in the 21st-century world. The present Childhood Development Specialists would always ponder that young children must get introduced to educational toys that can build their creativity. The days of the old chalkboard are over as there are now magnetic drawing boards. The following write up will give a guideline to the potential buyers to get the best magnetic drawing board.

Size and Weight of the Magnetic Drawing Board

The parents have to be careful while selecting the best Magnetic Drawing Board as the board will be used by their beloved kids. In fact, in the present market, there are different sizes and weights of the Magnetic Drawing Board are available. Few examples are given under:

Ideal Features for the best Magnetic Drawing Board

The length of your magnetic board is ideally 16.15 inches, width is 13 inches, and weight is approximately 12.8 ounces. It has an easy slide eraser where the kids only need to slide the magnetic brush. 

If the length is 15.7 inches and the width is 9 inches. The weight is approximately 1.65 pounds. This is the best magnetic drawing board for 3-year-old kids and above.

The best magnetic drawing board for 2-year-old has 16.9 inches length and width is 13 inches, and weight is 1.15 pounds. This product has recommended for children two (02) years old and above. The item has a slide knot eraser.

Check the Material and Quality

The Magnetic Drawing Board has made from high-grade non-toxic ABS plastic material. This is durable and breaks resistance. The Magnetic Drawing Board has round edges to prevent kids from getting sliced or hurt. The drawing areas can be in different colors like yellow, red, green, and blue.

The Magnetic Drawing Board comes in a packet with a magnetic writing pen. You will get five magnetic shape stamps and a sheet filled with stickers in various prints with the product.

The Price of Magnetic Drawing Board. 

At present, considering the style and standard, the price of the best Magnetic Drawing Board varies from a minimum of $1.19 to $13.69. If you have not liked the best magnetic board for toddler, you have ordered, you can get your money back with a money-back guarantee facility. The unhappy user can get 30 days of money-back guarantee by the manufacturer. 

Prefer Easy Usage and Basic Functions Oriented Product

Now a day, there are plenty of Magnetic Drawing Boards available on the market. Since the product will be used by the little kids, then it has to be easy to use and has all the basic functions.

The Magnetic Drawing Board had designed well to let the young ones draw colorful doodles without showing them harsh and dusty chalk and chalkboard.

The design area has to occupy the most space. The Magnetic Drawing Board must have a sliding eraser at the bottom of the pad.


Just buying toys for your little ones and toddlers is not enough. Excitement and pleasure are not just enough for your kids.

In the market, there are a variety of toys you can buy for your kids to improve their learning ability. The products can also help to improve your kids’ imagination skills.

Therefore, as a responsible parent, you should consider one of the above best magnetic drawing boards. Sure, magnetic drawing boards are an excellent selection for your little ones.