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Learn about slime kits

What are slime kits?  There are many people who don’t know about these toys. Slime kits are becoming more popular recently, but the number of people who know about it is quite small. So today I will provide information about slime kits for those who want to learn about this new toy. Discover it

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What are slime kits?

Slime kits is a pretty hot name today, this is the name of a handmade toy originating from abroad. Get the idea from a story about ghost monsters that know how to turn into all things to escape human pursuit. They are often called ghostly slime.

Despite the monstrous shape, they are very cute, just want to play and make friends with people, not to harm anyone. Slime is a special form of plastic with both soft, hard, flexible, tough, soft properties, transforming into the shape of its body. Slime toys can slip through the needle, can spin as thin as silk, change shape unexpectedly and quickly. Therefore, players must be extremely agile and flexible in the way they play.

How many types of slime?

Slime has 3 basic types classified based on its elasticity:

  • Slime with basic plastic material: This slime does not stick to hands, making it simple
  • High-performance plastic slime: This slime has higher ductility, stretching and can create many different shapes.
  • Super stretchy slime: High ductility but quite sticky and able to stretch out.

Who can play slime?

Anyone can play with this “ghost slime” game. Especially this game is extremely attractive to young children. Adults can also play this game when free or at leisure time. Try playing slime you will see how exciting this game is.

What are the slime kits used for?

Slime was created for the purpose of entertainment in the free time, especially children love to play this slime. In addition, they can clean up computer keyboard slots, piano keys, car air-conditioning slots. They are monstrous but very useful, right?

Not yet Let’s see what the slime kits bring to children:

  • Stimulate creativity through thinking, creating diverse works from toys that are not limited to creating shapes like other toys currently on the market.
  • Train perseverance for children. It is very difficult to force a child if he does not like to do it but it will be great if he learns the perseverance and patience by playing a game like the ghostly slime toy that he loves. So everyone is happy. Children are happy because they can play what they want, Parents are happy because children don’t waste time on useless games, but they gain a lot of useful value through playing with Slime toys.
  • If playing with other people or family members. Will help create a bond between family members and understand each other better. That is really the most precious moments of the child as well as the parents and siblings of the child.
  • If you play this slime with others, it is when your child learns the spirit of solidarity, teamwork, cooperation, organization, division, coordination, …
  • Finally, just like other useful games, it is to help players relieve stress and fatigue in work and daily life. When you focus on what you love. It will help you relax a lot. Especially when you feel comfortable, it helps protect your health and balance.

Notes when giving children use of this slime

However, any game has its advantages and disadvantages. So to protect your baby’s health, please follow these notes:

  • On the outside, slime is quite eye-catching with pink, purple, yellow, … and in quite the same as the cake. When seeing children playing slime toys, many parents also fear that the substances that make up this toy will endanger children’s health. However, parents are assured, this is a safe toy, not sticking to the hands.
  • But parents should note that after children play slime, they need to wash their hands to ensure hygiene.
  •  According to food experts, to ensure the safety of children, it is necessary to keep out of reach of children under 3 years old, to prevent children from confusing confectionery and can cause choking for children.
  • Children should not be allowed to play with slime when their hands have scratches and skin injuries.

Note when choosing to buy slime

Currently, there are many slime models with different origins in the market. You should buy slime at reputable stores. Avoid buying poor quality goods made from unsafe materials, which can be a potential risk to your child’s health.


Children often have a lot of toys and often think of lots of different games. Slime is one of the games not to be missed for many kids. Slime game increases creativity for them. This is a harmless game that doesn’t cause violence like many other video games. Try buying and playing it. I’m sure you will be pleased with this toy.

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