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How to choose and store a self-healing cutting mat

Do you know about the self-healing cutting mat? I’m sure many people don’t know about this tool. Self-healing cutting mats are made of thin, light and flexible material. It has many useful applications for humans, especially for carpentry people. Besides helping you measure materials such as wood during crafting. It is also durable, you can cut and manipulate on this tool without worrying about tearing or damage. Another special application of this tool is to help decorate the table surface more beautiful and stand out when making a video.

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With these great applications. It is increasingly known to consumers and widely used. If you want to buy a self-healing cutting mat for yourself. Read this article. I will give some suggestions when selecting and how to preserve this mat following

How to choose the best self-healing cutting mat

Types: As introduced at first. Any time you cut or use a utility knife you need to use this cutting mat. It has a function to help you protect the work surface like a desk and help extend the life of the blade from damage and dullness.

On the market now there are two commonly used types: self-healing and hard surface mat. Mat with a hard surface is extremely hard and firm. You can cut many types of objects but only glide over its surface without cutting it. And with self-healing carpets much more flexible. It is also possible to cut many items on the surface. Especially, during the cutting process you can create a lot of scratches on the carpet, but be assured after about a time it will restore the scratches will disappear.

Both types have many applications in industry and every family. As used in design, printing, signage, apparel, craft, and many other applications.

Thicks of mat: Self-healing mats have different thicknesses. But common thickness from 2mm to 7mm. Very thin 2mm carpet you use with a rotary knife. With a 2mm, you use the rotary knife because it is very thin. Moreover, the plastic structure is less used by many people. Therefore. You should use carpets with a minimum thickness of 3mm which will be better

Sizes of mat: Depending on your needs, choose the right carpet size. If you only use them for a family or a user, use a small mat. But, if the mat is used in production, you buy a carpet that is wide enough that everyone can manipulate and work on it. Currently, You may require the size you want for the manufacturer to sell.

What tools can be used?: When you want to buy a self-cut rug. Make sure it can fit both rotary and straight knives. Most self-healing carpets use these two types of knives, however, with 2mm thick carpet only suitable for rotary knives.

Note: To avoid leaving marks on your rug. Always use a sharp knife, and often clean and replace the blade.

The surface texture of mat: The texture and glare of carpet is also an important factor when choosing. If a carpet is too smooth, it can be slippery when operating. A too shiny and bright slate also makes it difficult for you to work. So you should choose a carpet that is not too bright and not too smooth.

Measurements: You should choose a carpet that has measurements on all four corners for easy measurement at any location you want. Measurements on the surface may be blurred or disappear over time. You can use a ruler instead.

The durability of the carpet: This self-adhesive carpet has very high durability. You can use it for a long time if you have proper storage and use.

How to preserve carpets?

If you use a carpet for a long time without spending money to buy a new one regularly. You need to:

About storage: When you buy a new carpet. It is rolled and left in a bag for easy movement. You must not let it roll like that. You have to spread it because if you roll it for a long time, it will create a fold on the carpet, which is difficult to spread straight during use. As with other carpentry tools like hand saws, .. You should store it in a place where the temperature is right to avoid direct sunlight.

How to clean: You should use a solvent-free cleanser. Because the solvent will cause the carpet surface to be abraded quickly. Instead, use a soft towel to scrub.

In conclusion

I have finished a presentation about how to select and store the self- healing cutting mat. Hope it will be useful for you. Wish you could choose the most suitable cutting mat.

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