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Top 10 Best Wood Burning Tools 2020: Reviews & Guide

All you need is the best wood burning kit to create an immensely beautiful work of art from wood. While pyrography is an art that demands skills to create high-quality products, it is the one that an individual can learn quickly if he is equipped with the right set of tools.

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If you are thinking of upgrading your set or if it’s the first time that you are buying the kit, you would need to make some serious considerations before purchasing the set. You need to look after your requirements and the tools that you are looking for.

Let’s look at some of the best wood burning kits

1. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa tool with Versa-temp variable temperature control and 11 woodburning tips

Create on any surface by making adjustments in the temperature control dial that ranges from 0 to 950 degrees with your Walnut hollow creative Versa tool. You can also set the appropriate zone and technique for the surface. You can use the tool on a variety of surfaces such as card, leather, paper, wood, fabric, and composites, making it the best wood burning tool 2020.

The Creative Versa tool features 11 tips and a comfortable grip to ease the pressure while holding the tool for long. Furthermore, the heat shield safeguards your hands from the hot barrel. The set comes with 5 screw-in woodburning points, support stand, a screw-in solder, rosin core solder, 3 screw-in stamps, and a screw-in hot knife.

2. Upgraded wood burning kit with adjustable temperature

Multifunction with the Upgraded wood burning kit, that combines three functions of wood-burning, leather burning, and soldering. The temperature of the tool can be adjusted from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius. The welding iron is compact and possesses a lightweight pen style. The inner-heated ceramic technology does not only help the tool to heat quickly but it is also safer and environmentally safe. Also, the stable temperature saves energy while offering efficiency.

You get 5 assorted wood embossing tips, an adjustable temperature pyrography wood-burning pen, 4 soldering iron tips, 10 assorted wood carving tips, 10 assorted wood burning and soldering tips, 1 hot knife chuck with 1 blade, 1 converter, 2 stencils, 1 carrying case and an instruction manual.

3. Woodland Home burning kit with fully adjustable temperature control, 27 tips with a cutting blade and deluxe case

This complete pyrography set is everything that you require to make gorgeous artwork. The tools work efficiently for leather, wood, cork, gourds, cardboard and other materials. The advanced premium pyrography pen possesses completely adjustable and variable heat settings that help the user to work effortlessly on different kinds of surfaces that demand their heat setting. Also, it has a heat-resistant and modern slip handle. The smart shield between the barrel and the handle protects the hands of the user form burning. Moreover, the 27 wood-burning tips let you vary your style and look every time. 

4. TruArt Stage 1 woodburning crafts burner tool kit, 35 different tips, dual power mode 30W15W

The TruArt stage 1 woodburning tool kit can be summed up as a mini short barrel iron that is convenient to maneuver, wouldn’t give you cramps while being comfortable to hold. The wide range of attachment tips offers you artistic freedom to give shape to your artistic ideas. It is a great tool for an individual who has to work on different kinds of crafts, from leather embossing to woodwork.

Moreover, the pen heats quickly and features excellent heat retention. The 30W adjustment can be used for woodburning and that of 15W for leather burning. The high-grade pen features a stainless-steel barrel that is integrated with impact and heat resistant rubber.

5. 56-pieces wood burning kit with adjustable temperature for burning, embossing, carvingwith soldering tips, stencil, carrying case and stand by Drtulz

The Drtulz wood burning kit comprises 56-pieces for burning, embossing, and carving. The wood-burning kit works at adjustable temperatures from 200 to 450 degrees. The inner-heat ceramic technology heats the tip of the tool rapidly in 15 seconds while saving energy and protecting the environment. Also, the ergonomic and lightweight design of the handle helps the user to operate in different angles to reduce fatigue. The high-temperature resistance shielding case safeguards your hands without breaking a sweat. The tips can be interchanged easily once they have cooled and the switch on the handle can be used to turn off the power.

6. INTLMATE 54-pieces wood burning kit with a soldering iron, temperature adjustable with soldering iron set pyrography wood-burning pen, carving, embossing, soldering tips, 16 stencils

The 60W 110 volts fast heating wood burning kit with 33 high-quality welding tips and accessories can be easily used for people of all skill levels.

The temperature of the kit can be adjusted from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius to control the heat required for all kinds of projects. The 54-pieces ergonomic design is light in weight and helps the user to work at different angles without experiencing fatigue.

The set comes with a pyrography wood-burning pen, 27 assorted wood burning, assorted wood carving and soldering tips, 5-pieces iron heads, 1 hot knife, 16 stencils, 1 wood-burning convertor head replacement, 1 pencil, 1 wood-burning pen holder, 1 carrying case and 1 penknife.

7. Walnut Hollow creative wood-burner introduction value pen for beginners and intermediate wood-burners

If you are looking for the ideal starter pen to learn woodworking, then you must go for Walnut Hollow Creative wood-burner kit. It also makes an incredible backup tool or additional burner for seasoned professional or advanced wood-burner. It is the best woodworking kit for beginners.

The pen comes with a tool stand that can be fixed to a solid surface for added security and safety and 4 screw-in points. Furthermore, the pen consists of a flited easy-grip handle and a long-cord on/off switch. The 120 volts pen heats to 950-degree Fahrenheit and works with almost all kinds of wood.

8. 82-pieces wood burning kit with adjustable on-off switch control temperature 200-450 degrees Celsius professional wood-burning pen by PETUOL

The amazing wood burning kit by PETUOL allows you to create on all types of leather and wood and is also useful for different designs such as formwork cutting, image transfer, welding, textile embossing, and hot stamping. This versatile wood burning tool has a variable temperature control that helps you to control the amount of heat that is required for the task from 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. The wood engraving tool comes with a premium-grade zippered purse that can store all the parts without damage or loss and is easy to carry.

9. Chandler tool burning kit 30 watts pyrography wood-burner with solid brass tips for woodburning

Say goodbye to broken tips stuck in wood-burner with the high-grade solid brass tips from Chandler Tools. The reliable heating elements offer consistent high heat from 600 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas, the insulated ergonomic handle and extra-long cord 6-feet offer comfort and extended hours of use. Moreover, the Chandler tools are UL-safety certified.

The all-in-one tools are perfect for both intermediate and beginners. The tools work great on wood, leather, wax, cork, plastic, papercraft and fabric.

10. 97-pieces wood burning kit professional woodburning tool with soldering iron, adjustable temperature

Get an incredible assortment of essential tools in a box that allows you to design all kinds of a cut stencil, wood, soldering, craft paper, emboss fabric, hot stamping, and carve on a variety of surfaces such as card, leather, and wood.

The easy-operate all-in-one wood-burning kit meets the requirements of pyrograph artists, beginners, hobbyists, amateurs, fine artists and artisans. The soft rubber-handle offers protection from heat while providing a comfortable grip to the user making it suitable for work for long hours. The 54 different welding accessories and embossing tips come with a nice zipper case for storage.

Buying guide

What are the tools in a wood-burning kit?

The foremost requirement of a wood-burning kit is the pyrography pen. It uses electricity to produce heat at the tip that burns the wood. The pens of superior quality possess temperature control as you will require different temperatures while working with different kinds of woods. For example, hardwoods require more heat. Besides, many kits come with a pen stand to prevent your hands or table from burning while you work with the pen.

The tips of almost all pyrography pens are removable and most of the kits possess a variety of tips to choose from. The tips feature slightly different thicknesses and shapes for creating various shading and lines.

Then comes the wood. Not all kits include wood, so if your kit does not possess one, don’t worry. You can work with some pieces of scrap wood that you can find around the house. If you are a beginner, a softwood that does not have a strong grain would probably the best choice. Spruce and pine are usually preferred for this. You need a piece that is unvarnished and whole because stained wood or any other kind of pressed variety might release harmful substances while they burn.

You will also get additional accessories in wood-burning kits such as colored pencils and stencils to help you transform your projects from simple to gorgeous. This makes it easier for beginners to get exciting results as most don’t depend on drawing ability or artistic sketching. In other words, you just need to follow the directions and carry out some tracing to get a beautiful finished object.

What the beginners must take care of?

If you are looking forward to buying a wood-burning tool for the first time, make sure that you go for the less expensive one. Initially, you will have to work with the basics and for that, you won’t need to set with a greater number of tools. A basic set will possess a single fixed with a small number of tips that would be sufficient for a beginner.

What is the amount of current on which the tools work?

Most of the tools work on a current of 110-120 volts only.

What is the maximum temperature for the wood-burning tool?

The tools possess different temperature ranges. The temperature can range from 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the different types of materials upon which the tools can be used?

The tools can be used to work on different kinds of wood, leather, outer skin of gourds and soft metals.

Are the tips universal?

The tips are not universal. Some of the wood-burning tools demand original tips.

Can I get the replacement parts of the tools?

You will need to purchase the replacement parts separately. Otherwise, you can also contact the manufacturer or seller in case, you require a replacement within an allotted guarantee period.

What are the things to look for while buying a wood-burning kit?

  • Cost

Woodburning tips can cost as little as $15 for beginners and more than $200 for advanced designers and artisans. Cheaper tools are less likely to offer different kinds of tips but they provide great means to get started. Expensive tools tend to last longer and have more tips, power, and variable temperature settings. They are preferable for detailing and fine work.

  • Pen tips

Fixed tips heat-up quickly and offer consistent rendering whereas interchangeable tips offer more detailing and versatility of work. Polished tips help you with fine work and non-polished tips are crat-style tips that are can be used to fill large areas.

  • Accessories

Wood-burning kits often come with stencils, booklets, transfer paper or carbon paper and colored pencils. You might also look for the color wood stain to render details to your project.

Wood burning kits do not cost much and are great fun for sign making, crafting and even to start your business!

If you are a beginner, a cheap solid-tip craft-style wood-burning tool with a lesser count of tips and consistent temperature would be a preferable choice.

You can keep on adding to your tip collection and upgrading your kit as your skills increase. You can also go for dual-wire elements tool as you switch to complex projects and projects that demand more precision.

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