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Best Washi Tapes 2020 Reviews

The best washi tapes are conventional among crafters. Originated from Japan, it is an appealing ornamental paper masking tape usually used for art and craft. These inexpensive tapes come in various colors and patterns. Washi tapes constructed of natural fibers like bamboo and hemp, which makes it thin and sturdy.   

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Top 10 Best Washi Tapes Reviews

Here are the top 10 best washi tapes to look for in 2020.

1 – Agutape Washi Masking Tape

The Augtape is one of the best washi masking tapes from Japan. US designers design the tapes. They are thin and can be used to add more color and creativity to your planner, art journal, gift wrapping, and much more. 

Each roll is 3mm wide X 5 meters long. The product comes in a clear PVC box that contains 48 rolls tapes, 16 rolls are foiled washi tape and, there are 32 rolls washi tape. The tapes do not leave any sticky residue and can be removed easily without damaging the surface. This feature makes Augtape washi tapes the best washi tapes in the market.

2 – Mindful Margins Washi Tapes

Mindful Margins cute washi tapes are a fun way to add a splash of color into your planners, vision boards, cards, vision board, books, and calendars, etc. The mindful margins washi tapes are available in colorful designs like pastels, seasonal fall leaves and vintage florals, kawaii and valentine’s day holiday hearts, etc.

The tapes come in three assorted sizes, 7-wide and 15mm Rolls, 7-wide and 8mm Rolls, 7-wide, and 3mm skinny rolls. Hands can easily tear the tapes, so it is safe for kids to use. They can even take-off from the surface and repositioned. The patterns are correct, as displayed in the picture, pink, rose gold, rainbow, red, white, and blue—excellent tapes for adults and kids to create artistic DIY projects.

3 – JAPAP Washi Tape

Japap’s washi tape is high quality and non-toxic, making it suitable for all age groups to be creative with their ideas. A fun decorative set of tapes for your books, furniture, computer monitors, picture frames, art journals.

The tapes are long-lasting, and it is elementary to peel it off the surface without damaging it or leaving a sticky residue! The color and quality of the tapes will not fade over-time. The Japap’s washi tapes are a set of 48 thin rolls of 0.12inch (3mm) wide x 13ft (4m) length. Each tape has unique and beautiful designs. The tapes are easy to cut with hands.

4 – LEEBEE Foil Washi Tape

Set your imagination free and be creative with these tapes. Suitable for all age groups. The Leebee foil washi tapes are a set of 21 metallics and are 15mm (0.6 inches) in width and 4m (158 inches) in length. 

The best washi tapes for furniture, journals and photo frames, cell phone covers, wall art, and for everything you want to give a uniquely creative surface! The vivid and vibrant designs have sparkling purples, rich gold, glistening mermaid greens, and precious gems. The tapes have a mild adhesive, and you can reuse and reposition it without leaving a messy residue.

5 – KOVANO Washi Tapes

Kavano washi tapes is a set of beautiful and elegant tapes. The tapes have four seasonal patterns, florals, landscapes, and animal design, etc. Each tape has a unique design to it. The tapes are super thin, and each roll is 4 meters (13.1 foot) long and 15(0.59) millimeters wide.

Kavano tapes are made from high-quality paper. The tapes can be unstuck and repositioned. These tapes are durable and will not tear off. Hands can easily just cut high-quality tapes. The Kavano washi tapes are also flexible and easy to open. Thus, it makes them the best washi tapes for planners, journals, wrapping gifts, scrapbooks, etc.

6 –  Ninico Washi Tapes 

Ninico’s washi tapes are one of the best washi tapes from Japan. Get creative with these cute and adorable patterned tapes. The tapes are 0.4 inches wide and 16ft long. The tapes are made from the natural fibers found on the bark of mulberry shrubs, bamboo, hemp, wheat, and gampi trees. Therefore, they are entirely non-toxic, making it safe for kids and adults.

The high-quality adhesive tapes are lightweight and can be easily removed from any surface, be it a wall or a mirror, and will not leave any gooey residue. The set has a total of 48 tapes, and each tape has a distinct layout. They are the best washi tapes for walls, lamps, photo frames, packaging gifts, computer monitors, etc. Ninicos’s washi tapes are easy to cut with hands for a cleaner finish. You may use a pair of scissors.

7 – Leebee’s Washi Tape

The Leebee’s washi tape is a set of 40 lively and vibrant color washi tapes. They are 0.3 inches wide and 13ft long. The tapes are available in exciting rainbow hues of purple, orange, yellow, red, green, pink, etc. These washi tapes are a bit transparent. Hence, you may use these tapes to jazz up your old cutlery and glass vase, plain ceramics too!

The tapes have strong adhesive and could stay without wearing off or fading. The Leebee’s washi tapes can be peeled off easily and repositioned. The tapes are suitable for all age groups and are fun to use. It is an excellent way to polish your craft, DIY projects, and even to brighten up your room!

8 – Afatape Gold Foil Washi Tapes

The Afatape gold foil washi tapes have a gold and bronze texture to it. Making it fun for people of all age groups to get creative with their artwork. The tapes are a set of 30 rolls and are 15mm (0.6 inches) in width, 4 meters long (13 feet).

The tapes are easy to use and do not leave a sticky residue when peeled or repositioned. The afatapes are suitable to fulfill your need for decorating your phone cases, cards, walls, etc.!

9 – Ninico’s Glitter Washi Tape

What’s different about these Ninico’s Glitter Washi Tape is that they have adorable and vibrant tones! They are 15mm in width and 3 meters in length. The tapes have 60 assorted designs; ten are in solid colors while the other 50 have beautiful vivid designs.

The Ninico’s tapes are the best washi tapes for furniture, walls, picture frames, books, scrapbooks, and pens, etc. The tapes are safe to use and evenly sized. You can peel it off again and reposition it without tearing it.

10 – Leotor washi Tape

Lester’s washi tapes are a set of colorful and vibrant rainbow tapes. The set contains 30 different designs of red, blue, purple, orange, pink, yellow, and has many other vivid patterns. They are made up of high quality and sized evenly.

So, use your imagination and create a unique art project, journals, walls, phone case, laptop, etc. Decorate anything you want as it is fun and easy to tear it off, reposition and reuse it. The tape does not leave any residue behind and is non-toxic, which makes it safe and suitable for all age groups.

What Are The Factors We Should Consider Before Buying Washi Tapes?

Explore your artistic side with these beautiful washi tapes with exceptionally gorgeous and stunning patterns! A fun way to transform your home and any object with creativity. Before you do, here are some buying tips to make sure you buy the product the suits your needs.


The brand of the product always determines its reliability. A well-renowned brand will deliver a more satisfying product. Many labels use excellent quality paper that is even eco-friendly. Always go through the products that have been most raved. They ensure their credibility.


Various washi tapes are made up of 100% high-quality paper and are eco-friendly. Made up of natural components like gampi tree, mulberry shrubs, wheat, hemp, etc. which makes the tapes safe for kids as an art supply. They don’t lose their color over time either. The adhesive will also not leave a sticky substance behind once it has been peeled off.


There are hundreds of patterns available now to enhance your project, from dazzling golds to elegant pastels. Most of the washi tapes come in a set of assorted colors and bright hues. Look for the ones that suit your unique style.


The tapes are smooth and soft. The flexibility of the tapes allows you to use it to mold it into a shape that you wish. However, always check for the texture before buying washi tapes, some may differ. The tapes are skinny and will never damage any surface. They work great, even on regular paper. The texture of these washi tapes is so malleable that they can be cut into pieces with hands, but for more precise shapes, you may use scissors.


Washi tapes stick to a surface with a good hold. However, it can also be removed gently from any surface, which is one of the best features of washi tapes. They can be peeled-off, repositioned, and reused without leaving any sticky and tacky substance behind. So, this ensures that it is entirely safe and handy for people of all age groups.

Some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are the washi tapes?

Washi tapes are masking tapes. The washi tapes fun and decorative tapes to enhance and polish your art projects and even furniture, and old ceramics. These tapes are adhesive but can be peeled and reused. They are very popular among kids and even adults because they can be utilized for various purposes.

Are washi tapes safe for kids?

Most of the tapes are safe for the kids to use. Many washi tapes now use natural elements to make the tapes, which makes them safe for all age groups. Most high-quality tapes do not have any toxic ingredients. The fibers of these tapes are made from the natural components extracted from nature. However, always go through the description of the product before buying it for kids.

How to use the washi tapes?

The washi tapes are fun, colorful tapes for decorating almost any item you want. The tapes are soft and can be cut without using a scissor, but you may use it to get a bright finish and past it on your desired object. Showcase your creativity with these tapes; use it on walls, furniture, plain vase, etc.

Will the washi tapes damage the surface of the wall or furniture?

Washi Tapes are designed in a way that will stick to almost any surface for long without damaging it. Most tapes will not even tear off when you peel it back from a surface and do not leave a sticky residue; these tapes are entirely safe to use on walls too. However, there are washi tapes that don’t have this feature. Always read reviews before buying the tapes.

Can I use it on kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you may use it for your kitchen cabinet to keep them safe from dust and dirt. They are removed easily, and you just have to wipe off the surface with a dry cloth. It is maintenance-free and will add vibrant color to your kitchen.

Will the tapes tear off as I peel them off?

It generally depends on the quality of the tape. The high-quality tapes will neither tear-off nor damage the surface of the object. Therefore, making these tapes long-lasting.


The world of art has seen new innovative products recently. The washi tapes are now present in vivid and bright patterns and designs. The washi tapes may look delicate but very durable. The soft texture makes it even more appealing to the eyes. Let your imagination take over you as these tapes are a fun and creative way to polish your art projects, journals, phone case, and decor. These art supplies are safe for kids and adults. Add a splash of color into your world with these gorgeous and artsy tapes.

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