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10 Best Slime Kits For Kids 2020

“One thing that is constantly loved by kids worldwide is Slime- the super stretchy and slippery recreational material”

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Slime has conquered the world of kids and adults by storm. Slime crafting has become a part of after-school activities, parties, and sleepovers. Though slime appears messy and gooey, kids love playing with slime more than anything. This inflated the demand for slime in the market and several brands of slime kits are available today. Most of the slime brands focus ultimately on the safety of kids and have proven to be child-friendly. With several brands offering slime kits, narrowing down on the best one is difficult. Therefore, below is a list of Top 10 slime kits from which you can choose the best that suits your kid.

Best OverallNickelodeon Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Slim Super Slimy Set

Topping the list of Best Slime Kit is Nickelodeon CRA-Z-art CRA-Z-Slim super slimy set. You will have the most fun when you make this slim. This set has all the attributes to ensure you have complete satisfaction and fun while making the slime. A notable feature of this kit is the inclusion of scented paints. This set offers the widest variety of mix-ins to allow you to make unique slims of your choice. The set also has foam beads, gold glitters and some unscented bright paints.

Another notable character of this set is the most-secure packaging of the activator solution. As the activator comes as a liquid, the chances of accidental inhalation are not possible. The bottle is designed as spill-proof with a drip-style cap which slows the flow of the solution from the bottle. The activator solution is safe to use but have a strict warning against ingestion and touching. The liquid is packaged in two bottles so that small quantity as required for making the slim will be used.

The kit has everything you need for making slime and this even includes a small measuring cup and plastic mixing bowl. You can also make opaque slim using white glue and translucent slime with clear glue. If you are looking for making super slimy slime that is unique, then this is the kit you need.

Best Kit-Unicorn Slime Kit

Unicorn Slim kit is the best slime kit in this list. Slimes are one thing kids love to use for playing alone, in groups or with parents. This particular set, as its name, comes in dreamy colors which are also sparkly. This helps the kids make special kinds of slime. The kit has everything needed by the kids to make their dreamy and unique slims. The kit comes with tools needed for making and mixing slims and also a container for storing slime. Thus, ensuring a stress and mess-free slime making a session for kids. The ingredients in the kits ensure great quality slime as it is made of high-quality materials.

Kids can create over 100 different types of unicorn slimes using this kit. The kit contains jelly slime, foam slime, fishbowl slime and many more which will give endless possibilities for kids to create unique slims. The kit also contains an instruction booklet that also has tips and tricks to help you through the slime making process. You can also look into instruction videos available online for better understanding. If you are into making dreamy and sparkly slimes, then this kit is the best you can have.

Best Multipack-National Geographic Mega Slime And Putty Lab

Looking for the best slime set to bring out the slim expert in your kid? National Geographic mega slim and putty lab kit is the one to go for. This kit takes slime making to the next level by helping your kid explore the squishy side of science. In this set, you get 8 fascinating varieties of slime and putty. This includes fluffy slime, glow in the dark putty, magnetic putty, snotty slime, liquid slime, bouncing putty and color-changing putty. You also get one DIY glow in the dark slim lab. A characteristic feature of this kit is the availability of storage tins and accessories which completes the lab kit. These slimes are non-toxic formulas that are quality-tested and 100% safe for kids and adults. To help enhance the creativity and development, this lab kit comes with a 16 page, colored learners guide to help your kid explore science better.

Best Diy Collection-Ecozen Lifestyle Ultimate Kit

Ecozen Lifestyle Ultimate is the best DIY slime kit that made into this list. The kit is equipped with every material required to make your kid’s slime part successful. The availability of all the ingredients in one set makes this a cost-effective slime kit too. You can make different types of slimes using the over 52 different materials included in this kit. You even get a bag of googly eyes and pear crystals which can be mixed with the slime and make it attractive and playful looking. The availability of a variety of materials makes this one of the all-inclusive kits available in the market today. The slim ingredients are tested and meets the safety standards, thus making it safe and effective for the use of kids.

Best Fluffy-Meland Fluffy Slime

Meland Fluffy Slime as the name suggests is the best slime kit that offers fluffy slime. This slime has a texture like no other. It is significantly less messy. This slime comes in 6-ounce containers with four different colors. These colors can be mixed or kept separately. This slime has a subtle smell and does not slip or drip out of your hand. The texture of the slime is just like pizza dough, it is amazingly stretchy and malleable. Meland Fluffy slime comes in blue, green, purple and pink colors. If you want slimes that are incredibly satisfying, feels like a stress ball and fairly mess-free, then buy Meland fluffy slime.

Elmer’s Color

Elmer’s color slime makes to this list of best slime kit for its all-in-one slime making a feature. Everything required for making slime in this kit is reduced surprisingly to just two ingredients. The slime colors available in this kit are limited to two- blue and pink and come as glues. These glues come in a 5-ounce bottle, each containing blue and pink opaque colored glue. These glues are washable and very safe for use by kids. The kit also contains two bottles of magic liquid. On proportionate mixing of colors, glue and magic liquid will help in creating the slime you require. The magic liquid is the highlight of this kit as it reduced the hassle in mixing several ingredients to create the perfect slime.

Original Stationery Everything In One Box

The best slime kit offering the biggest box of supply is Original stationery’s slime kit. The kit contains everything including ingredients, tools, instructions and also DIY videos. The ingredients contain glue, glow powder, snow, shaving foam, color pigments, clay, activator agent and scents along with mixing containers and bowls. The contents available in this kit will make anyone feel the vibe of making a cake. The variety of slime combination that can be created is endless using this kit. If you plan to build creative things out of a slime, then this kit is the one you need.

Canal Toys Diy Factory

Want to own a kit that will let you experience the slime making process just like in factory set up? Canal Toys DIY Factory is the best slime kit that suits this description. This kit comes with an actual spinning workstation which will let you mix the ingredients by rotating the handle. All the ingredients included in most of the kits are available in this along with glitters and confetti. Canal Toys DIY kit is ideal for entertaining kits. The slime ingredients come as powders packets of different colors. The contents are also safe and easy for use by kids.

Playz Glow In The Dark

Playz Glow in the dark is one of the best slime kits that enhance kids’ ability to learn while playing. The kit comes with dark glowing slimes created with 19 different science experiment. This will help kids learn as well as play at the same time. The kit also contains 72-page activity and lab guide to help you learn and create slimes. It helps kids learn about polymers, viscous substances, atoms, molecules and transformation of matter.

Essenson Diy Slim Kit

“Jump into the world of creativity and custom-make slime varieties”

Essenson DIY Slime kit is the best slime kit to keep your kids engaged in endless hours of fun-filled slime work and creativity. The kit includes fruit slices, foam balls, paper accessories, straws, and fishbowl beads. All the ingredients are mess-free, washable and come in 12 containers. This slime kit is eco-friendly and provides an amazing opportunity to boost the motor skills and hand to eye coordination of the kids. Buy this kit to help your kids improve their skills.


Making and playing with slimes are the best recreational activity for kids of this generation. From the above list, the best slime kit is Nickelodeon CRA-Z-Art CRA-Z-Slim Super Slimy Set. This kit has everything needed for making slime except for water. Happy sliming!

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