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5 Best Self Healing Cutting Mats Review & Guide 2020

Are you looking for the best self healing cutting mats because you want a cure for your table?

Are you looking for the best self-healing cutting mats because you want a cure for your table?

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When we do some work, especially cutting ones, the table also gets some marks on it. Do you get upset by seeing the cut marks on your favorite table?

If you wish to save your table from all such marks, then cutting mats are there for your rescue. Cutting mats also save a lot of energy, extra work, and time. Along with this, you might also require a stable and accurate board to provide you support whenever you perform any cutting task and need to see whether your cuts are accurate or not.

There are several self-healing mats available in the market of various sizes and different features. Choose the one which suits your working needs!

1. The best choice- Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat

The Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat is the best self-healing cutting mat. It is the most efficient and economic self-healing cutting mat. It measures about 24 by 26 inches and is 3mm thick. It possesses 5 layers of plastic PVC. It has grid lines of half inches marked on it which makes it easy to crop and measure photos. Along with this, it has a metric, angles and inches guides.

The layers of PVC coating on the mat account for its durability and ensure that the mat will not get worn out very soon. In addition, the PVC heals itself after getting cut marks and appears new even after repeated use. This mat will be the best partner for all your projects and will make your work easy and smooth. Do all your projects- whether small or big, light or heavy- on the Dahle 10673 Vantage self-healing cutting mat with the utmost ease.  Moreover, the mat Is functional from both sides. The mat is perfect for all types of work which demand accurate cuttings and also, the several guides provides you a proper frame to do your work.

The surface of the mat gets healed automatically and prevents the blades of your knife from getting blunt. The mat is washable and the user just needs to soak it in water to clean it.

  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all kinds of work
  • Cost-effective
  • Grid lines for accurate measurement
  • Metric, angles, and inches guides
  • Can be used from both sides.
  • Non-rotary

2. The second choice- OLFA self-healing cutting mat

The OLFA is amongst the best self-healing cutting mats. It does more than just protecting the surface on which you work. The mat measures 24 by 26 inches and is 1.5mm thick. One side of the mat is green-colored and is used for general tasks such as crafting and cutting. Whereas, the other side has grid lines marked on it which will help you in precise cutting.

The self-healing feature of the mat reseals the cuts on the surface of the mats to provide a smooth and continuous surface for working. The mats are manufactured with a triple-layered heat welding procedure which accounts for the longevity of the mat. The cutting mat is perfect for cutting diamonds, triangles, and squares. The single-piece mat has a non-slip stable bottom layer with an interlocking top which can rotate the mat for 360 degrees. The mat can be folded which makes it easy to store and carry the mat.

  • Both the sides can be used
  • Grid lines for accurate marking
  • Long-lasting
  • Economic
  • Easy storage and handling
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Can be used only with rotator blades

3. The cost saver- Fiskars Eco self-healing cutting mat

If you want to try out an economic option, then you must go for Fiskars Eco self-healing cutting mat. The polypropylene is the core material used in the manufacturing of the mat. The use of polypropylene makes the mat renewable. Along with inch and metrics guide, the mat also possesses angle measurements of 60, 45, and 30 degrees.

The mat provides a large surface area for doing your work. Although the mat is thin, its quality makes it last longer. The mat can be cleaned by soaking it in water for some time.  You can also clean the mat by soaking it in a mild detergent if it has some stains on it.

  • Recyclable
  • Provides a large surface for cutting
  • Cost-efficient
  • Good quality material
  • Inch and metrics guide
  • Possesses angle measurements
  • Mat is thin

4. Ideal for heavy-duty work- the US Art supply Self-healing cutting mat

The US Art supply self-healing cutting mat features a five-layered construction of PVC and possesses half and 1/8 inches marking on the mat. The mat is 3mm thick. The self-healing mat can be used from both sides. One side is green in color whereas, the other side is black.  It has grid lines on both the sides of the mat. Along with this, it features a 45 and 60-degree angular guides.

The thickness of the mat makes the vinyl moisture to stay for a longer period of time which makes the mat to heal quickly. In addition, it also helps you to maintain the sharpness of the blades. You can perform heavy-duty cuttings on the mat. The surface of the mat is non-sticky and you can just wipe the stains off. It does not require any washing or soaking to clean the stains.

  • 5-layered construction of PVC
  • Half and 1/8 inches marking for accurate cutting
  • 3mm thick
  • Both the sides are functional
  • Grid lines on both sides
  • Mat heals quickly
  • Helps in maintaining the sharpness of the blade
  • Durable
  • good for heavy-duty work
  • non-sticky surface
  • no-rotary

5. The OLFA self-healing cutting mat

The OLFA self-healing mat measures 17 by 24 inches in size. The mat is foldable which makes it easy to handle and carry the mat. The mat is 2.5 inches thick and is long-lasting. The mat features metrics, angular and inch measurements printed on the smooth surface of the mat. The marking on the mat is yellow in color which makes it easy to find them. Also, the yellow markings help you to make tiny marks accurately.

The mat is a preferable choice if you need to carry your mat wherever you go. The mat is designed in such a manner that it can be folded without breaking or spoiling it. When you unfold the mat, it will be straight and will provide precise measurements. The mat has a smooth surface to serve the purpose of cutting and helps to make clean and precise cuttings. The mat can be soaked in water to clean it.

  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Possesses yellow-colored lines for enhancing visibility
  • Versatile
  • It is functional from one side only

Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best self-healing cutting mat which helps you to perform your task easily and is best suitable for your task.

Consider the following factors before confirming your decision.


Size is an important factor to be considered while buying a mat. The size of the mat should be perfect for your work. Usually, you should go for mats which have a large surface area as they can be considered as an ideal for performing almost all kinds of work.


The thickness of the mat is yet another aspect to be considered. The mats which are not much thick might get some cuts on them. Also, they are not useful for all kinds of applications. On the other hand, thick mats can be used for a wide range of applications and they do not get cut easily. They are more durable and versatile.

The kind of cutting knives which can be used

Make sure that your mat works well with both rotaries as well as straight knives. There are some mats which work only with a specific kind of knife. While purchasing a mat, ensure that the mat is suitable for all kinds of knives.


Select a mat which is durable and does not get worn out easily. It should be able to heal itself even after a sharp blade is used on it.

Is it single sided or double sided?

While buying a mat, check whether the mat is functional from both the sides or not. A double-sided mat increases the usability of the mat. There are several mats on which one side of the mat is ruled. It would be preferable to buy such kind of mats as they will be helpful in making precise cuts.

Along with this, the storage and cleaning of the mats should also be considered. The mat should be foldable (or can be rolled) so that they can be stored easily. In addition, the user should be able to clean the mats easily with the help of a spray cleaner or mild detergent

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