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10 Best Paint Brushes 2020: Reviews & Guide

A painter dreamed of traveling through a beautiful hill station and captured the views in his memory. Later, he described that view to others by painting his dream on canvas. He designed the view so precisely that would not been so clear to others if he would have described it verbally. Painting is an art that speaks a lot about a painter’s imagination. Painting the views without a perfect paintbrush is not possible. The best paintbrush is the most vital component in making an acrylic painting that helps an artist to create his idea. The best paint brushes not only helps in holding the paints beautifully but it also delivers clear lines on the canvas surface. Todays’ market is full of varieties of paintbrushes but only an artist can identify the best paint brushes among all. Every artist has a different style of painting and different choices of their paintbrushes that helps them in creating their art. In acrylic painting, certain types of paintbrushes are used. No paintbrushes are the same and if you would buy the random paint brushes for acrylic painting you may find them not suitable to your art.

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Here is the list of few best paint brushes that will guide you to choose the best from varieties of paintbrushes and you can purchase them online-

BenicciArtist Acrylic Paint Brushes

Benicci Artist Acrylic Paint Brushesare the set of professional acrylic paint brushes with the double clamped bristles that prevent it from getting fall down. Brushes with the falling hairs are very uncomfortable to use and seem unprofessional. To avoid its hair fall while using it, the hairs in these brushes are strongly attached to the handle through the very strong ferrules. These acrylic paint brushes are available in different sizes of half, two, four and eight numbers. These brushes are of various sizes like round, angular, comb, fan, glaze and flat. They are very comfortable to hold due to their well designed wooden handles that provide comfort and support to your hand. This set of artist acrylic paint brushes can be used in other paintings also such as water coloring, oil painting, and acrylic painting.


  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Double-clamped bristles
  • Comfortable and easy to hold the handle
  • Attached with very strong ferrules

Crafts 4 all Nylon Hair Acrylic Paint Brushes

Nylon hair acrylic paint brushes are one of the best acrylic paint brushes at lower costs. It can be purchased in different that have brushes of different sizes and shapes. The brushes of numerous shapes in these packs make the color mixing easy. And due to its number of shapes and sizes, these brushes can be used for multiple purposes. You may use them for watercolors, face painting, and much other craftwork. These paintbrushes can also be used for manicures. 

The nylon hair acrylic paintbrushes have the anti-shedding bristles so you can work without getting disturbed by the falling bristle hairs. The ferrules of nylon hair brushes are of nickel that does not rust and is in good condition for a longer period. The bristles are perfectly attached to these ferrules and make the brushes very strong. These brushes are available in various colors that make them more attractive for you to purchase.


  • Anti shedding bristles
  • Anti-rust ferrules
  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable

Artilicious Pocket Acrylic Painting Brush Set

Artilicious pocket acrylic paintbrushes are available in the set of twenty-five brushes. The brushes in the set are of all the size and style that an acrylic painter would require. All its shapes viz flat, round, angle, etc are available in the set. Its zero-sized sharp-pointed paintbrushes can also be used for making fine lines and writing purposes. 

The bristles of artilicious pocket acrylic paint brushes are made of nylon and camel hairs. The hairs of both these long lasting, and affordable in price. It contains very light and long handles that are made of wood. Coating over the handles makes them comfortable to use and avoid moisture in hands while using it. It is the best acrylic painting brush tool for painting learners.


  • Variety of styles and size
  • Long-lasting bristles of nylon and camel hairs
  •  Pointed paint brushes are also available that may be used for fine lines and writing.

Artify Acrylics Paint Brushes

Artify acrylic paint brushes are the set of around twelve paintbrushes of different styles like round, angular, fan, flat, etc. These brushes are made of synthetic nylon hair bristles. The bristle hairs are smoother enough to be used and they mentioned are harder also as the shedding pressure gets reduced during its multiple uses. These paintbrushes are long-lasting and can be used for years. Its different shapes would allow an artist to use it for all smaller or larger strokes while painting. The artify acrylics paint brushes are available in almost all styles of paintbrushes that are used by the artist. This set also contains a large brush which is beneficial when the coloring is required in a large area. Along with painting these acrylic paint brushes can also be used in polishing the base and in removing the dust on it. 


  • A large multipurpose paintbrush
  • Made up of non-toxic materials
  • All brushes are of different styles

D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes

D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes are the long-handled brushes. Its handles are very light and made of wood that makes this paint brushes comfortable to use. The hairs of this acrylic paintbrush are very soft and anti-shedding that plays a major role in creating a neat and perfectly finished painting. These paintbrushes can be used in uncountable projects due to its versatility of applying oil and watercolors. The bristles of these paintbrushes are available in both synthetic hair and natural hair. They are offered in round, angled, wide, flat, filbert shapes. D’Artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes are one of the best acrylic paint brushes for making small objects or designs.


  • Long-handled
  • Different styles of brushes
  • Available with bristles of both synthetic and natural hairs

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Brushes 15-pc brush set

MyArtscape acrylic paint brushes are the best paintbrushes with the bristles of synthetic hairs. Synthetic hairs are long-lasting as the natural hair usually frizzes and falls while using. But the synthetic hairs do not fall so early when used regularly. These brushes are known for their strong tip which is used for drawing fine, thin and broad lines while painting. These brushes are the best for making outlines to an image in the painting. They are available in various shapes and sizes and are versatile to use. They can be used in nail art, face painting, and many more artworks. The handles of MyArtscape acrylic paint brushes are quite stylish and durable too. This brush, when purchased in white or silver colors, gives a stylish and classy look among other paintbrushes.


  • Strong tips of these brushes are best for fine precise painting
  • Anti shedding and long-lasting hairs
  • Can be used in nail art and face painting and many more painting styles

DUGATO Fan Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes set 9pcs soft anti-shedding nylon hair

Fan Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes are the brushes that have a fan style organized hair. These are available in around six sizes having the fan style bristles viz 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. 12 is the largest size of Fan style acrylic paint brushes, which is used only on the canvas or large papers. These brushes can be used for making grasslands, leaves and other such designs. They are also easy to use in nail art and other projects for making these types of designs. The handles of these brushes are made of wood and are usually longer. This handle is further coated with strong paints to make them stronger and comfortable to use. The ferrules and brushes of these acrylic paint brushes are of high quality that ensures its longer durability. They have nylon hairs that are strongly attached to the strong aluminum ferrule.


  • Strongly attached nylon hairs
  • Strong ferrules of good quality aluminum
  • Long and strong wooden handles

Liner Brushes for acrylic paint

These liner paint brushes for acrylic paint are very slim having long bristles. They look similar to the round brushes but are very much smaller than the normal round brushes. These brushes are used for making fine lines in the arts. They can be used with acrylic paints and with the ink also for making very slim outlines in an art. Liner brushes can also be used for writing content on the painting as the tip of this brush is very sharp and small. The sharp pointed tip of this brush makes it easier for and artist to sign the painting created by them. They can be used dry but the wet brush gives its best output. The wet liner brush will provide the smoother paint flow with the perfect finishing. Many artists use ink with these brushes and avoid using pens for signing or writing any content on their paintings.


  • Best for fine line drawing
  • Can be used for writing text and signing on the painting
  • Apart from colors ink can also be used with this brush

Acrylic Paint Angular Brush

The acrylic paint brushes are the best paint brushes for making curves and other shapes that require the thickly outlined shapes. Angled brushes are also used for making the thin to thick linework using one brush only at one go. They are available in different angles that are used as the artists’ work demands. These acrylic paint brushes have an angled tip and they are also known as the slanted or angled brushes. The hairs at the bristles of the angled acrylic paint brushes are not so long but they are enough to be used comfortably. The hairs in this paintbrush are anti-shedding and synthetic hairs are used in it. These are the best acrylic paint brushes for the painters who prefer to paint on canvas as there are more requirements of the curves. 


  • Best for making curves
  • Comfortable to use
  • Slanting thick shapes can be drawn

Acrylic paint wash brush

The acrylic paint wash brushes are very big paintbrushes. They are usually available in all the paint brushes set. You may find it easily in the set as it is the largest paintbrush of all. These brushes have strong hair bristles attached with the metallic ferrule that ensures its durability. These brushes are available with both the synthetic and natural hairs. The shapes of these brushes are normally similar to the other large brushes. The tip of these brushes is wider and the handle is longer than other paintbrushes. Acrylic paint wash brushes are the best brushes that are used for covering the larger parts of the paper or canvas. They can be used dry but the artists prefer to use them wet for quick maximum canvas coverage. Due to its thickness, they require more acrylic paint and water when used. They can be used with fewer colors and more water but it depends on the artists’ work requirements.


  • Largest acrylic paintbrush
  • Strong and anti-shedding hairs
  • Best for covering the larger parts of the canvas with ease and quickly

Guide to Buy

You should consider the following basics before purchasing a paintbrush for acrylic painting:

  1. Size: You should consider the size of both the stick and the bristles before buying a paintbrush. Usually, the size of brushes is available in number i.e.,0,00,000,1,2 till 20. 0 sized brushes are the smallest sized brush which is used for making fine lines. Till the number 6, brushes are in a small category, they are in mid-range from 6 to 14 and the paintbrushes of numbers between 14 to 20 are considered to be the large size brushes.
  2. Shape: Shapes in brushes are the shapes of the bristles part. Various shapes of these bristles are flat, round, fan-shaped, pointed, angled, etc. The shapes of the paintbrushes matter a lot for making an acrylic painting and should be selected accordingly. 

Durability: A Paintbrush with the falling bristles does not worth its work requirement. The sticks of the paintbrushes are mostly of wood covered with paints or rubber but the bristles hair are of two types one is synthetic which is more durable and the other is natural which are softer but less durable than the synthetic hairs.

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