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Top 10 Best Fencing Plier 2020 Reivew & Guide

Despite being a little discovery, fencing pliers are one of the essential tools that you will find. It does not matter whether you are a professional gardener or a DIY person; the pliers will always serve useful for you. These tools are convenient, and you can rely on them from cutting, hammering, and stapling purposes. There are several features, which may attract you to go for the pliers.

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To get the most economical pliers with complete functionality, here we are discussing the specifications of the top ten best fencing pliers in 2020. Along with this, the essential buying guide discussion is presented, which will help your shopping easy.

Top 10 Best Fencing Plier Product Reviews

1 – IRWIN Tools Fencing Grip 10-1/4Inches Pliers

If you are looking for an exceptional grip, which can provide ample comfort, then it is apt for you. It is constructed with a nickel and chromium coating, providing durability. The jaws are inbuilt in the machine that ensures the strength of your gripping. Therefore, hammering and cutting become comfortable with the help of these pliers.

A fantastic non-slipping touching grip and anti-pinch technology are also installed in this tool. For any metal or wood cutting purposes, you can use this tool without any issues. The handles are long enough to reach any point and cut the wires smoothly. You can expect a safe and neat fencing activity while using these pliers. Even while you are busy with the fencing process with this plier, there will not be any annoying noise or vibration.

2 – DEWALT Organizer Fencing Tool Pliers

Fencing with this versatile plier is smooth and fun. The hammering ability of these strong pliers is brilliant. You can simply remove the staples and stretch the wires for the fencing purpose. The manufacturers have added two extra wire cutters in this package for the customer benefit.

This cutter is coated with a durable vanadium chrome steel. Therefore, strength, stability, and durability are guaranteed from this product. There is also a bi cushion padding, which helps the user to cut and grip firmly. You can smoothly operate wire cutting or repairing with a single hand. These pliers are lightweight and are handy. The best thing you will love about this product is the high-end quality. It can surely become your favorite fencing tool once you start using it.

You may also consider the superiority of their quality and reliability, which is highly dominant in the fencing market. This tool also has a premium quality design in its look that makes it unique to the others.

3 – Crescent Joint Heavy Solid Duty Fencing Pliers

The builders have constructed this plier with high-quality design in mind. Modern technology is used while constructing the plier. It is coated with alloy steel to get maximum strength and durability. To get extensive rigidity, the hammerhead shape is corrugated.

The sharpness of the staple claws is worth mentioning, as it helps the hammer to work correctly on the wire. Therefore, you will find fencing easy and smooth without wasting much time.

There is a special opening on the upper part of this plier. It allows a firm grip with no slipping mechanism. Users will not cut their fingers while working on the wires.  Another essential feature of this plier is the beautiful polished top.  There is a two-way technique for thick cutting of the high tensile wire of the fence. The sturdiness and versatile features of this plier may attract you to go for this tool surely. You, as a professional or a DIY person, can use it beautifully.

4 – Channelllock Tool Fence Pliers

When you are interested in maintaining the smooth wire fencing, try this new product. The pliers are at least 10 inches long. Based on the long term reliability and effective wire cutting, you can surely choose this tool. Gripping comfort is guaranteed from this product. The handles are well designed for these pliers and have an extended length so that wire cutting becomes simpler.

With the help of this plier, you can do both tensile fencing and standard cutting. Even choosing from thickness to thinness of the wire and shaping them accurately is also done effectively with this. For any maintenance or installation of fencing, use it, and see the difference. The presence of high-end staples allows you to save your finger while fencing. There is a puller function associated with this staple.    

5 – Allied Tools Cutting 10 Inches Pliers

The brand is famously known for constructing the best functional tools for fencing. To get enhanced performance in fencing, you can bring home this product. It is made up of carbon steel. If you are interested in going for an enhanced life long plier, then it is the product for you.

The ergonomic design of the long handles ensures the easy fencing task. It is very comfortable. There are soft cushion padding in the handles so that users do not feel any pain on their hands while working. The non-slipping technique is fantastic in this product.

You can expect sturdy edges in the cutting with this tool. The teeth or jaw of this plier has a moderate gripping ability. Generally, this is suitable for thick wire cutting. While fencing often people want to replace staples, this tool does the job best.  This sharp and robust tool with a hook is best for your nail stapling or fencing purpose.

6 – Bates Multiple Purpose Wired Fencing Pliers

You can opt for this economic plier. The construction is built of steel alloy. You can expect a long last execution from this product. Rust-resistant material is also one of the main advantages of this tool.  Even if the environmental conditions vary, you can safely use it in your farm fences.

To get a rigid performance, the builders have designed this plier rounded. Therefore two-way wire cutting is safely done by this cutter. Stable grip and sharp jaws are excellent features of this plier. Even the wire is thick; the stapling can be done with it without causing any bend. The non-slipping technique allows the user to hold the handle firmly. There is also thick cushion padding on the handle for a better grip.

7 – King Hammerhead 10 Inches Pliers

This one is the best multipurpose plier tool that you can go for. It is suitable for both DIY users and professionals. The head design is circular, which increases the fine cutting of wire. The accuracy of thick wire cutting is enhanced when you use this product. 

The design of the hammerhead is narrow, so the stapling takes no time. Moreover, the comfortable grip is another function that you should consider for this plier. Extensive and top-class steel is used for its built. Effectiveness in operation and sturdy built are the two prime reasons to go for this product without thinking.

You do not have to worry about rust or any corrosion as this plier can fight through that. Hence using it during the difficult environmental condition will not create a problem for you. Staple removal claw has a wonderful design that helps you to work on hard staples too.

8 – Maasdam Rounded Fencing Pliers

The perfect long length handled plier designed exclusively for better fencing activity. Construction of the handle is made of durable and robust steel. There is a compact design and three separate jaws installed for fast wire cutting. If you are going for this tool, do not worry about thick wire cutting and shaping. The size and design are lightweight.

You can carry it in different areas without any issues. The quality and round nose of this tool are amazing. Further, this ensures a smooth, fencing operation. In case you are dealing with thick wires or cables, then using this plier is a good idea. The cutting precision is excellent for this product. For convenient and speedy fencing activity, you can undoubtedly rely on this plier.

The size of the entire product is apt for any palm size. The handle gripping is soft and does not cause any pain while you are working on the fence. So, this can be one of the best reasons to go for this tool.

9 – Malco Round 10 Inch Fence Pliers

The extensive long plier that can suit your fencing needs is here. You will never have to think about the durability once you start using it. Stainless steel is used for construction, which is stable. For firm control and gripping, the shape is rounded. There are three jaws installed in this plier.

The design of this fencing tool is versatile and is suitable for many nail cutting purposes. It is effortless to handle because of the lightweight. There are the textured surfaces of this tool that ensures safe cutting and fencing. In case you are looking for thick and robust wire cutting experience, then you should try these pliers without any doubts.

The reason to choose Malco, plier, is the compact design and reliability. This particular model is portable, which again suits the requirement for adequate fencing. The three divided jaws are useful for pulling and gripping nicely. Again, a 9-gauge wire can be chewed off well with the help of this tool.

10 – Michigan Industrial Tools Multipurpose Brand Heavy Duty Pliers

The manufacturers have constructed this tool with specially treated steel built. Jaws are installed in these machined pliers. The handles are long and have cushion padding. This cushioning helps the user to get a maximum amount of comfort. It works best for separating the wire channels or hammering. Even the two ways wire cutting is also possible with the help of this machine.

The plier is large and has a heavy-duty mechanism. Fencing in spring becomes smooth and fun with the help of this product. The best part of this tool is the beautiful, gripping mechanism, which ensures the cutting without movement. Any kind of hammering or nail finishing activity is done nicely with this plier. If you are into cable cutting, then try this tool and see the difference.

What Are The Factors For Considering While Buying Best Fencing Plier In 2020?

The correct set of tools is always a necessity in every work. The fencing pliers have no exception in it. We have channelized the essential key points, which you can think before buying the pliers from the above list.


The first and foremost criterion to choose the plier is the reason you want to invest in it. The basic functionality and the price should be well checked before buying it. Go for the premium quality pliers for the effective operation of the fencing. However, if you are choosing economical pliers, then check the content and hand ability of the product too. No matter which plier you are investing in, you should check whether pulling the staples from wood or fence, etc. are done correctly. Depending on these roles, pick up the plier you want.

Durable Feature

The long-lasting feature is the most critical part when it comes to pliers. Shape, size, or the built all are essential points to think about when durability is measured. For fencing, you may use it as staple clawing, gripping, or puller, etc.  Depending on the mode of your fencing activity, choose the material of the plier. Going for stainless steel is always best than cheap plastic coatings.


It is always easy for a DIY user to change and customize the pliers. When it comes to professionals, then selecting pliers based on priority comes in place. Of course, going for high-end quality tools can make your work better. This also makes your job fast without wasting time. If you are a professional, then we recommend a 7 in 1 function tool that is better for you.

 Always remember the top class tools can make the work more comfortable for you any day. When you want to do DIY, choose the materials, which are readily available in the nearby store or online. Check for the comfortable accessories to make the plier effective and robust.

Comfort Level   

To get the well-designed tool, you should always invest in the products, which are comfortable for your hands. Due to the shoddy building of the handles, the sore or pain in the hands may appear. Try going for non-slipping pliers. The best part about non-slip tools with extended length is the moveability of the tool.

If you are a professional, you may have to use the plier for long hours. The plier should not slip away from your hands due to sweat. Again the strength of the handle grip is also necessary at the same time so that it doesn’t cause any injury.

Again, according to the size of the palms, you can decide on these tools. For instance, you can go for slimming fence pliers if your hand size is small. The gripping is better in them. Two-handled pliers are also beneficial for fast wire cutting with perfection.

Gripping Slots

You should be able to grasp the plier well. Therefore, check if there is a gap between the gripping edges of the tool. This is favorable for cutting or puling and even bending the cables.


It does not matter whether you go for a high priced tool or low budget, but maintenance is essential. From time to time, you have to clean the pliers.

Rust Preventive Coating

You already know how rust can damage the tool. Therefore going for the anti-rust function of the plier is always the best idea. When you are using the pliers for outdoor activity, then the environmental conditions can vary. Hence, keep that in mind and choose the fencing tools.


Go for the products in which the storage case is provided. Keeping the pliers or another fencing tool in a neat way is also essential. Further, this also helps to build the longevity of the tool.

Check The Handles

The most useful part of the plier is the handle. Therefore, pay extra attention to its built. Do check if the condition of the handles is better. Gripping should be reliable, but it should not cause any pain in your hands.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut wires with pliers?

For diagonal wire, cutting, you can surely sue the rounded or sharp-headed pliers. Any type of thick wires can be cut smoothly with the pliers.

What is the importance of fencing pliers?

Fencing pliers have the most versatile functions. They are widely used for hitting nails, pulling staples, cutting wires, twisting cables and stretching thick cables. Of course, you can use these pliers both in metals and woods.

Can you get shocked by using a coaxial cable?

By touching the outer shield of the coaxial cable, you won’t get any shock. However, you should always check the grounding system before touching the wire for cutting.


There are various and varied types of pliers available in the market. We hope you research thoroughly to get the convenient and long-lasting best fencing plier. Do not compromise on your budget. As there are online discounts and offers that go on. Check the specifications and compare the prices well before shopping.

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